3 Best BJJ Schools in Orlando | Explained

Finding a legitimate instructor can be a massive headache for those who want to train martial arts. Even worse, it can be a time consuming process that may end in frustration.

We understand, we've been in the same shoes.

To fix this problem, we've created a list of the best BJJ schools in Orlando.

1. Gracie Barra North Orlando

gracie barra north orlando


4 instructors and the main instructor is a 4th degree black belt who has 25 years of experience, and at one point coaches up the best Brazilian MMA fighters of the world (at the time).

You can find more information in their instructors page.


  •     Two large mat areas for simultaneous classes
  •     Heavy bag area and boxing ring
  •     Full weight room
  •     Crossfit style conditioning area
  •     Multiple sitting areas for family or friends to watch
  •     Changing room with showers
  •     Three bathrooms
  •     Central air
  •     Cleaned daily

Free Trial

They offer a free class.

2. Orlando Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

orlando brazilian jiu jitsu


11 instructors and the main instructor received his black belt from Carlos Gracie Jr. in 2003 and his Fourth degree Black Belt in 2019.

You can find more information in their instructors page.


A massive 15,000 sq ft training facility located in the heart of Central Florida offers over 50 classes per week for adults & children.

Free Trial

They offer a free class.

    3. Fabin Rosa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    fabin rosa bjj


    The head instructor is a 3rd degree black belt who formerly taught at a Gracie Barra school and has solely been focusing on Jiu Jitsu for the last 20 years.


    The "White House" is his creation, and with it he aims to build a fun, friendly, yet potent environment to educate and inspire anybody that's interested in Brazliian Jiu Jitsu

    Free Trial

    They offer a 7 day free pass.

    What to Look for in a BJJ School

    bjj orlando


    Although everyone dreams of having the cream of the crop instructors such as John Danaher, a literal genius who dedicates his life to Jiu Jitsu.. It's not always possible.

    This can be due to location restrictions, budget, time and the list goes on and on.

    Regardless of whether you're training Gi or No Gi, these are characteristics to look for in an instructor (especially if it's your first jiu jitsu class).

    bjj rolling

    Respected by Peers

    When you walk into a gym, you can immediately tell which people are clearly respected to a higher level at the gym.

    Whether that's from people interacting differently as in showing respect, or even just steering clear of them.

    However, the best way to see this is during the actual class. The way students respond to the instructor, whether verbally or just the way students pay attention when the instructor speaks or is doing a demonstration.

    A telling sign that you've walked into a great gym is by seeing that the instructor is very well respected by his peers.

    Effort & Attention to Detail

    Throughout life you'll come across those people who are absolutely obsessed with their craft, and with obsession comes great effort & attention to detail.

    Being around people this passionate about their craft can be motivating at the very least, and you will absolutely want to reciprocate the effort that they put out on a daily basis.

    Having an instructor who gives their absolute best and constantly pay attention to the little things will not only improve your technique, but the gym overall.

    When everything is taught correctly, and 'rookie' errors are shown how to avoid, the level of the gym rises up as well.

    Once all of this occurs, you will not only receive the most out of your membership, but you will excited to go practice, learn and compete with your peers.

    bjj competition

    Training Partners

    The ideal training partner is someone who is competitive, willing to learn, and friendly.

    The combination of those three characteristics will be a big factor in your improvement, and safety.

    There's nothing worse than having a training partner that goes too rough for whatever reason, which can negatively affect the group morale and even cause injury.

    All of this begins with the instructor laying out clear instructions and rules, and when a situation like this arises, it's taken care of immediately.


    The environment is what pushes most people to levels that they didn't know they could reach.

    A combination of the Instructor(s) and training partners are a big factor in this.

    Having a friendly yet competitive environment will keep you focused on learning, getting better, and even helping others.

    A great example of this is the OSS phrase in BJJ.

    bjj fist bump


    Practicing BJJ will require you to roll around on the mats for extended periods of time.

    Due to this, cleanliness is extremely important, and no gym will have loyal students if the mats are constantly dirty.


    Your budget is a very important factor to what type of training that you can enroll in.

    Most gyms don't show their pricing online, so you will have to call or go in to receive a price.

    Luckily most gyms offer free trials spanning from 1 free class, to 30 days free.

    Using the trial period to fully immerse in the gym can give you a better understanding if the certain pricing is worth it to you.

    You can always compare different gyms as well using these methods, along with reading reviews.

    Distance From Home/Work

    Most students go to Jiu Jitsu classes directly from their home, or work.

    Check how far the gym you're interested in is from both places, and then you can plan your schedule around the location that is closer or more convenient for you.

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