Bodybuilder vs MMA Fighter | Who Wins?

Everyone loves a good hypothetical match up, however Bodybuilder vs a MMA fighter is a match up that has happened many times over the years.

In this page we will show you with video evidence who wins and why.


Who Wins in Bodybuilder vs MMA Fighter

A bodybuilder has the size and strength advantage while the MMA fighter has the physical skills and fight IQ. In a fight, a MMA fighter will win every time as long as he is properly trained to fight both standing and on the ground. In fact, the video below shows a fighter that is only specialized in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, easily dismantling a body builder 100 lbs larger than him.


Although this is an older video, it serves a great reminder that in a fight, skills will prevail.

In order to beat any bodybuilder in a fight, a fighter just has to survive the initial onslaught, where the bodybuilder will be at full strength, and full of energy.

Due to the size of their large muscles, the bodybuilder will quickly begin to fatigue. This is something that MMA fans have seen over and over again in any MMA fight.

A fighter full of large muscles may be intimidating in the first few minutes of the fight, but once fatigue sets in, the momentum of the fight quickly changes, and their opponent begins to pick up the pace of the fight even more to take advantage.

In this case, the BJJ fighter begins by side-kicking the knee of the opponent in order to distract him, hurt his plant leg (punches need the plant leg in order to generate power), and keep kicking it until his opponent adjusts.

The bodybuilder finally adjusts by attempting to catch the leg, and when he does, the BJJ fighter is prepared for it and lands strikes to his face.


Eventually the bodybuilder is able to bull rush and successfully take down the BJJ fighter. However, that is exactly where every BJJ fighter wants to be, on the ground.

From here, the BJJ fighter keeps his opponent close to him, by securing a grip behind his opponent's head and at times back, in order for the bodybuilder to not be able to land efficient punches, and eventually wear himself out.

The BJJ fighter would then begin to use butterfly guard successfully in order to put his opponent in the air, and keep him off balance.

He would even land several sweeps where he would land on the mount, until his much larger opponent used his size advantage to flip him back to full guard.

Eventually as the bodybuilder began to fatigue, the BJJ practitioner would lock in an arm bar and the fight would end.

Regardless of size, time has proven over and over again that a skillful mixed martial artist will beat an untrained but larger bodybuilder.

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