Who is the Pink Suit Guy in MMA? | Easily Explained

The Pink Suit Guy has been a large topic of discussion in the UFC after he was seen in the UFC press conferences getting fighters to react strongly to his questions.

In this page, we will cover everything that you need to know about the Pink Suit Guy.

    Who is the Pink Suit Guy?

    The Pink Suit Guy's name is Josh Cohen, who is an MMA journalist, media personality and currently works for ESPN as a host in South Florida.

    He has been seen around UFC events for several years but gained notoriety after one event in particular.

    Who is the Pink Suit Guy

    How Did He Become Famous?

    Pink Suit Guy grabbed the spotlight when he would show up at a UFC press fight conference and asked Conor McGregor the following question:

    Conor [McGregor], guestion for you. you have won exactly one fight since Barack Obama was president... over a fighter [Donald Cerrone] who has zero wins over the last six fights. This man [Dustin Poirier] sent you to a place where time doesn't exist six months ago. Why should anyone expect anything different on Saturday?

    McGregor would immediately respond to shut his mouth, and that is still one more fight that the Pink Suit Guy has won, and would call him a rat.

    Pink Suit Guy Vs UFC Fighters

    Colby Covington

    McGregor isn't the only fighter that he riled up however, as he would go on to get a reaction out of Colby Covington as well by asking him the following question

    If you were to lose this fight, do you agree right now to allow an independent medical team to look at your X-rays from 2019 to determine once and for all whether that man (Usman) broke your face?

    Covington would actually interrupt Cohen in the middle of his question to let him know that he looks like a bottle of Pepto Bismol and "that it makes sense because you have diarrhea of the mouth"

    Valentina Shevchenko

    Unlike his previous two interactions with fighters, he actually would go on to have a friendly interaction with the 125 lbs champion.

    He would go on to ask:

    "How long would it take for you and your sister to send Jake and Logan Paul to that place where time doesn't exist"

    Valentina would respond "0 seconds, not even 1 second".