What Happened to Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier? | Explained

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier had one of the best rivalries in the history of the UFC.

In this page, we will detail exactly what happened with Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier to form the rivalry, and if things have changed after Cormier's retirement.

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What Happened to Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier?

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier would create one of the biggest rivalries in the history of Mixed Martial arts. Unlike other rivalries that are squashed after a fight, this would not be the case. Jones and Cormier would fight before their fight, twice inside of the octagon, and still bicker back and forth even after Cormier's retirement.

How Did Their Rivalry Start?

The rivalry started by Jones jokingly saying to the Olympian, Cormier "Oh you're a wrestler, I bet I could take you down" while he met him for the first time.

Cormier did not take kindly to those words.

Ironically at that time, Jones was still months away from winning his first UFC title, and Cormier was still in the Strikeforce organization, in the Heavyweight division.

Although it seems like a harmless comment to us, this would set off a chain of events that would lead these two to a collision course.

Fight at the Stare Down

In the lead up to their fight, Jones and Cormier would partake in the standard stare down that is done between fighters.

Typically fighters are able to get within inches of each other, and stare at each other while the media takes pictures.

Additionally, the fighters are able to "Size each other up" and get a close look at one another for the first and last time before their fight.

There is no physical contact allowed during this event.

Famously in their staredown, Jones would bump his head against Cormier, and Cormier would retaliate by pushing Jones back by the throat.

Jones would then throw his belt on the ground, and go on to cause all out chaos on stage, in a brawl that had the back-wall poster of the stage ripped off.

Cormier vs Jones 1

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones would finally get inside of the octagon to try settle their differences at UFC 182.

Cormier would come in sporting a 15-0 record, and Jones would hold a record of 22-1.

Jones would get the best of Cormier by being the first person to take Cormier down inside of the octagon, and securing a unanimous decision win.

Unlike most fights where fighters are amicable with one another after the fight, 'DC' and 'Bones' could have continued fighting another 5 rounds if they were allowed.

Cormier vs Jones 2

Jones Runs Into Troubles Outside the Cage

As successful and seemingly untouchable as Jones was inside of the cage, he was his own worst enemy outside of it.

Jones would have off the cage troubles including hit and run conviction, failed drug tests and a bunch of other unpleasant events.

Additionally, prior to the fight with Cormier, Jones was said to have alarmingly low T/E ratio, which brought along suspicious for steroid use.

Attempted Rematch at UFC 200

Cormier would go on to meet Jones at UFC 200, until he didn't.

Jones would actually test positive for steroids and the fight would be called off.

He would be suspended for a year.

Below you can see the video of Dana White informing Cormier that the fight was called off due to Jones testing positive.

Cormier is heartbroken and explains that he trained so hard for this fight, and even asks White if he can still fight him, and even offered to sign a waiver to keep the fight on.

Actual Rematch at UFC 214

When the two finally met again in UFC 214, Jones would win by KO (head kick and punches), only to later have his win overturned to a no contest.

Jones would test positive for steroids again, and would face a 4 year suspension, that turned into 15 months if he 'snitched' to USADA.

Throughout all of this, there was back and forth on social media between the two, leading Cormier to claim that Jones has been on steroids throughout his whole career.

Cormier wanted to know how he was tested by USADA his entire life, as an Olympian and a UFC fighter, and he had never tested positive once.

Whereas Jones has tested positive multiple times, while claiming that he doesn't know how it got in his system.

Cormier Retires in 2020 But the Feud Continues

In 2020, DC would announce his retirement.

Despite the Jones losses, Cormier would have massive success throughout his career.

Most notably he was able to become of the few 'Double Champions' in UFC history, holding the Heavyweight championship and Light Heavyweight championship simultaneously.

Commentator Role

DC would primarily be a commentator for the UFC, and the media would still ask him about Jones.

Jones would vacate high Light Heavyweight championship and take time off in order to bulk up and move to the Heavyweight division.

He would begin training with Henry Cejudo, an Olympic gold medalist and Double Champion in the UFC, and Cormier would catch wind of it.

Cormier would say explicit words regarding Henry Cejudo, for associating himself with Jones.

Jones would respond back by saying:

Why are you such a hater, you don’t even fight no more!? Man that bitterness is real I tell ya.

Are Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Friends Now?

Jones and Cormier are absolutely still not friends presently, and don't seem to be nearing a friendship any time soon, at least in this life time.

When Jones would be involved in legal troubles regarding Domestic Violence, Cormier would say:

From me to this guy, we’ll never be friends. But human to human, you’ve got to get your sh*t right. And show some remorse


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