Why Can't You Use an Inhaler in the UFC? | Easily Explained

MMA fighters have to follow strict guidelines in terms of what they're allowed to put into their bodies out of competition and in competition.

In this page, we will explain why you can't use an inhaler in a UFC fight.

    Why Can't You Use an Inhaler in UFC?

    MMA fighters are not allowed to use inhalers during a UFC fight due to an ingredient known as Vilanterol, which is considered an advantage as it relaxes the muscles around the airways, opening them up and allowing the user to breathe easier.

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    Fighters must disclose the use of the inhaler, and receive approval from the state athletic commission ahead of time to use it at all.

    What Does Vilanterol Do?

    According to WebMD, Vilanterol works by relaxing the muscles around the airways so that they open up and you can breathe more easily.

    The purpose of this medication is to prevent and decrease symptoms (wheezing and trouble breathing) caused by asthma and ongoing lung disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-COPD, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema).

    However, if a fighter uses this at any point during a fight, it is considered an unfair advantage to improve the function of the lungs while fighting against an opponent.

    Greg Hardy Uses Inhaler in Between Rounds

    Several years ago in UFC on ESPN Reyes vs Weidman, MMA fighter Greg Hardy would be seen on camera using an inhaler in between rounds.

    This is something that had never been seen before in the UFC, and both fans and commentators were left stunned and confused.

    However, while sitting on stools in between rounds, Hardy would ask the commission inspector if he was allowed to use the inhaler before using it.

    Although Hardy would originally win the fight via Unanimous decision, the fight would be overturned to a No Contest.

    There would be some miscommunication on the fighter's part as Hardy would state his side of the story:

    “I was in the ring, (and) me and my coach asked the commission if it would be OK to use my inhaler and they said yes, so I took it,” Hardy said afterwards. “I’m still new guy in this sport. I did what I do in every situation – I asked permission, I got permission and I did what I was told.”

    However, the UFC’s vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner would dispute this and state:

    “Completely illegal. It’s against all the rules”

    Dana White would be asked about the unfortunate incident, and White would say that he understands how it happened but it's still Hardy's corner and should keep it simple:

    Know you can’t use an inhaler in the corner. They should know that. Shouldn’t even be a question. You can drink water. It’s pretty simple. Gatorade in some states.

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