3 Best MMA Gyms in Philadelphia

Finding a legitimate instructor can be a a massive headache for those who want to train martial arts. Even worse, it can be a time consuming process that may end in frustration.

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We understand, we've been in the same shoes.

To fix this problem, we've created a list of the best martial arts schools in Philadelphia.

Table of Contents

  1. North Star MMA
  2. Daniel Gracie Academy BJJ
  3. Philadelphia Jiu Jitsu

1. Daniel Gracie Academy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Daniel Gracie Academy BJJ offers a welcoming environment where the instructors also pay close attention to details, in order for the students to have the best possible experience.

The instructor is a world champion in Jiu Jitsu, and has also fought in the MMA scene.

Classes/Programs Offered

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Wrestling
  • Mixed Martial Arts

Main Instructor

Daniel Gracie a two-time World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, PRIDE veteran and international Mixed Martial Arts fighter, encourages his students to embrace the Gracie philosophy of making Jiu-Jitsu their way of life.

Unique Features

The environment is fantastic, as far as instructors, training partners, and everything in between.

Schedule: Open every day

Address: 5904 Greene St

Phone: (215) 848-5454

2. North Star MMA


One of the more modern gyms in the area, North Star MMA offers a great place to work out your stress away, while learning a variety of martial arts.




Classes/Programs Offered

  • Jiu Jitsu for Ages 7-12
  • Adult Jiu Jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • MMA

Main Instructor

Jackson does a great job of integrating all levels of training with all levels of fighters.

Doesn't matter what level you are, you will learn each and every training session.

Unique Features

One of the underrated perks of this gym is the natural light that comes through, that brings a sense of calm where training.

Clean, spacious facility with top notch instructors.

Schedule: No information on their site.

Address: 2301 N Front St. First Floor

Phone: (267) 886-9413

3. Philadelphia Jiu Jitsu


As one of the more seasoned gyms, Philadelphia JiuJitsu has provided group lessons, seminars, and private instruction for over two decades.

Some of their clients include colleges, law enforcement, Martial Arts Schools, fitness centers, personal protection, security personnel, and common everyday people who wish to hone their mind, body, and spirit through the art of Philadelphia JiuJitsu.

Classes/Programs Offered

  • JiuJitsu
  • Judo
  • Muay Thai
  • Arnis
  • MMA
  • Self-Defense
  • Weapons
  • Pa-Kua
  • Submission Wrestling

Main Instructor

Sensei Damon Umholtz has been involved in the Martial Arts most of his life.

He has studied with many great teachers and has several black belts including Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Jiu-Jitsu. Sensei Umholtz is also a Pro MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing Coach/Trainer and a Weapons Expert, but it is his Urban Combat and Self-Defense System he is most proud of.

Unique Features

They don't offer contracts, as students can pay on a monthly basis, and there are no additional costs for rank testing and merchandise.

Schedule: Open everyday

Address: 1760 Barbara St

Phone: (215) 587-0007