5 Best MMA Tattoos | Ranked

Almost all MMA fighters nowadays are showcasing their tattoos the moment that they step into the octagon to fight.

Which means, there are plenty of great and bad tattoos that we see on a weekly basis. It's almost harder to find fighters who aren't tattooed at all!

In this page, we'll go over the best MMA tattoos, their meaning, and where the tattoos are located.

best mma tattoos

Table of Contents

  1. TJ Dillashaw
  2. Alexander Volkov
  3. Kevin Lee
  4. Max Holloway
  5. Megan Anderson

1. TJ Dillashaw

Arm Sleeve

In Dillashaw's right arm, he sports one of the best tattoos in the MMA world. The middle of the tattoo is made up of a mixture of a lion and a clock, where the lion's paw is placed on top of the clock.

The lion signifies being the king of the lion, and the clock means that there's only a limited time on this earth.

A butterfly tattoo is also located on the inside of his wrist, as well as his tricep. It signifies Muhammad Ali's famous 'Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee' saying.

A white tail deer is located near the elbow, showing his passion for hunting. The Greek goddess Athenas is located near his bicep wearing Medusa as a helmet.

Lastly, on his bicep he sports the snake that derived from Conor McGregor calling him a snake in the grass, during his rift with Urijah Faber.

2. Alexander Volkov


Sporting one of the most insane tattoos in recent history, Volkov's back tattoo was originally a giant manta ray.

It is now a giant samurai helmet that covers his even more gigantic 6 foot 7 frame, and easily one of the most recognizable tattos in Mixed Martial Arts.

Due to fighters performing in the octagon shirtless, it's almost a guarantee that someone will ask about his tattoo if they have never seen him fight before.

Volkov allegedly laid on his belly for 55 hours in order to have this tattoo completed.

3. Kevin Lee

Back of the Head

Another extremely unique and noticeable tattoo, Lee decided during his extended break from MMA that he wanted to tattoo a helmet on the back of his head, that wraps around to the sides of his head as well.

He explained that while recovering and in quarantine, he took inspiration from rappers, and to remind him of what he actually does.

Meaning that he's a warrior, and was a warrior in the prime of his life, and a reminder to keep chasing his dreams.

4. Max Holloway


Although Holloway has dozens of tattoos, there are arguably none more noticeable than his back tattoo.

Holloway has one of the most unique tattoos in MMA, as not many sport wings on their back, besides perhaps Tony Ferguson.

He actually has two different wings on his back, one represents angel wings, and the other demon wings.

He explains the meaning behind them which is that there should be balance between life, in terms of good/evil, and angels and demons which are two main parts of this world.

He got this tattoo done at 18 years old, and it took 4 hours total.

5. Megan Anderson

Arm Sleeves

Anderson is one of the few women in MMA that actually has two sleeves that cover her arms completely.

In fact, I'd challenge you to name any other UFC fighter who has one sleeve.

Even though Anderson sports some of the slickest looking tattoos in MMA, she ironically explained that her tattoos don't have much meaning at all. Most of her work is done by the same artist, which is a big reason why they're all able to mesh together well.