Francis Ngannou Dreads | When Did He Have Them?

In this page we will explain if Francis Ngannou ever had dreads, what hair style he uses now, and then explain his hair transplant.

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Despite popular belief, Francis Ngannou never had dreads, in fact they were braids.

When Francis Ngannou came into the UFC, he sported braids along with his impressive physique, and unmatched knockout power. 

Many fans would quickly nickname him 'The Predator', a reference from the science fiction action horror film.

In his first UFC fight versus Luis Henrique, Ngannou is seen viciously knocking out Henrique with an uppercut while sporting his famous early-career braids.

Hair Style After Braids

Ngannou would eventually cut off the braids and sport the hair that he has now reached mainstream popularity with, after scoring multiple highlight reel knockouts on his way to becoming a UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Why Did He Cut Off the Braids

The answer is unclear. Some fans have pointed to how it can be difficult to keep braids on full-time. Others have talked about a rumor where Ngannou has a bald spot on the top of his head, that makes it hard to keep braids on.

Dread Photoshop

Years later many fans would realize that Ngannou used to have braids, and would actually photoshop dreads on his head, and would add a beard as well.

Many fans who saw the photo-shopped picture would immediately realize how much scarier of a fighter he looks like, and would wonder how much scarier he could look in the octagon for a fight.

Hair Transplant

What is Ngannou's hair style now? That is unclear.

Ngannou has recently undergone a hair transplant, and his best hair may be yet to come.

He briefly rocked a bald look (to undergo the hair transplant), but as his hair transplant is revealed, there's a chance that we may see braided-Ngannou once again.