Can You Wear Hand Wraps With MMA Gloves?

In this page we will cover if you can wear hand wraps with MMA gloves, if you can use MMA gloves for heavy bags, and if UFC fighters use hand wraps.

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Can You Wear Hand Wraps Under MMA Gloves?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, gloves are meant to protect the hands of the fighters. In order to maximize the protection of the hands and wrists, hand wraps are a necessity underneath the gloves.

The intention of the hand wraps is to create a flexible covering around your hands to keep the bones from being pushed around too much when impact occurs.

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Hand wraps maintain a solid and firm structure around the hand and and wrist, in order to prevent squirming on hard impact.

In a fight, impact occurs consistently throughout the duration of the fight, making hand wraps one of the most important things a fighter can use.

Can You Use MMA Gloves For Heavy Bags?

Using MMA gloves for heavy bags can be a recipe for an injury. Heavy bags normally require heavier gloves to be used with it, as the weight of the target that is being hit is higher, the higher the padding that should be around the hand.

Hands can be easily injured, and they can become fragile such as the hands of Floyd Mayweather.

He has all the problems in the world with his hands,” says Miguel Diaz, a veteran cutman who wrapped Mayweather’s hands and worked with him for five year after the boxer turned pro in 1996.

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Do UFC Fighters Use Hand Wraps?

UFC fighters absolutely use hand wraps, for the same reason as boxers... To protect their hands and wrists.

However, they will not receive as much wrapping as Boxers due to the differences in gloves.

Boxing gloves are larger and barely open, where as MMA gloves have open fingers, and fighters are able to open and close their hands in order to grapple.

Do Hand Wraps Make You Punch Harder?

Hand wraps do not make you punch harder, however it does increase the safety of your hand, which will provide you with more confidence to strike bags or your opponents appropriately without second guessing.

Although it technically won't make you punch harder, hand wraps can you give you the confidence to punch the way you've always been able to.

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