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In this page, we'll go over how many UFC belts there are, how many there are for men's and women's divisions, as well as which weight classes they are.

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How Many UFC Belts Are There

There are a total of 12 belts in the in the UFC. 8 in the men's divisions, and 4 in the women's division.

Weight Class  Weight Men/Women or Both
Strawweight 115 lbs Women only
Flyweight 125 lbs Both
Bamtamweight 135 lbs Both
Featherweight 145 lbs Both
Lightweight 155 lbs Men
Welterweight 170 lbs Men
Middleweight 185 lbs Men
Light Heavyweight 205 lbs Men
Heavyweight Up to 265 lbs Men


What Are The Different UFC Belts?

Each belt signifies a different weight class, as there is a champion belt for each weight class. However, in 2019 the UFC revealed their newly designed Legacy Belt, with a completely new look, including custom looks and stones for each champion fighter.

Is There Only One UFC Belt?

No, in fact there are 12 belts with a champion in each weight class. There are occasional exceptions however, as there can be interim champions in a weight class. Interim champions occur when the active champion has been inactive due to injuries or moving up to another weight class.

A fight is made for two fighters to fight for the interim belt, and whoever wins becomes the interim champion. The interim champion then has an automatic title fight vs the champion, and whoever wins becomes the undisputed champion of that weight class.