Is 25 Too Old to Start MMA? | Explained

In this page we will go over in detail whether 25 is too old to start MMA, along with examples of MMA fighters who began their MMA careers in their later years.

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Is 25 Too Old to Start MMA?

It comes down to what is the purpose of why you are beginning to train MMA. If you are training to keep in yourself in shape, or just to learn about the different martial arts, it's never too late. However, if you're attempting to began a MMA career, it's a case by case basis that we will cover below.

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Beginning a MMA Career at 25 Years Old

Although 25 years old is considered on the older side of beginning a MMA career, it's certainly doable.

In fact, there have been many MMA fighters who became UFC champions or fought for the UFC belt who started their MMA careers late.

Daniel Cormier became one of the only 'Double Champs' in the history of the UFC and he did not began training MMA until he was 30 years old.

Brock Lesnar began training MMA at 29 years old and would become a UFC Heavyweight champion in the fastest time.

Yoel Romero would fight for the Middleweight championship several times and he would not begin training MMA until he was 31 years old.

Prior Experience

The common theme with the 3 fighters that were mentioned above (Cormier, Lesnar, Romero) is that they all had previous elite experience in another martial art, wrestling.


Cormier and Romero were both Olympic level athletes, and Lesnar was a NCAA Division 1 champion.

All three of them were able to use this previous elite background as a main tool to domination, while adding other skills to their arsenal along the way.

Additionally, they all fought in heavier weight classes, and traditionally heavier weight classes are much less rounded.

When you see heavyweight fights, they'll often be primarily focused on one skill, where as when you see Flyweights and Bantamweights fight, they're extremely well rounded.

This is another reason why you won't see older, but lighter-weight fighters make a successful transition to MMA.

What Age is Too Old For MMA?

If you are wanting to train MMA in order to learn martial arts, or just get in shape, it's never too late.

Instructors will help you accordingly depending on your experience, age, and comfort-ability level.

The unique aspect about martial arts is that it is an accumulation of martial arts.

Whether you're interested in learning Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Wrestling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there will be plenty to learn along with plenty of training partners to help you refine your skills.

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