When Did Daniel Cormier Start MMA? | Explained

Daniel Cormier has had one of the most successful careers in the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

In this page, we will explain when Daniel Cormier started MMA, what he accomplished, and what he does now.

When Did Daniel Cormier Start MMA?

Daniel Cormier would begin his Mixed Martial Arts career at 30 years old in 2009, a year after qualifying for the 2008 Olympics.

Although Cormier qualified for the Olympics for the second time, and was even named 'Team Captain', he would ultimately not compete as he would suffer from kidney failure due to weight cutting.

After this experience, Cormier would join the American Kickboxing Academy gym to train MMA alongside established fighters such as:

  • Cain Velasquez
  • Josh Koscheck
  • Jon Fitch

Cormier Signs With Strikeforce

Cormier would immediately sign with the Strikeforce organization, but would have a unique start to his MMA career.

For the first 6 fights of his career, Cormier would shuffle between fighting for Strikeforce, XMMA and King of the Cage.

Cormier would win all of those bouts.

In fact, Cormier wouldn't taste defeat until his fifth fight inside of the UFC.

While in Strikeforce, Cormier would go undefeated and would make headlines in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.

Cormier would knock out Antonio 'Big Foot' Silva, who was favored to win the tournament, and beat another favorite Josh Barnett, to win the Grand Prix.

After the Grand Prix, Cormier would knock out Dion Staring for his last fight in Strikeforce.

Cormier Signs With the UFC

ufc contract

Cormier would sign a UFC contract and continue the success that he found in Strikeforce, over to the UFC en route to beating:

  • Frank Mir
  • Roy Nelson
  • Patrick Cummins
  • Dan Henderson

Cormier would suffer his first defeat of his career via unanimous decision against Jon Jones, and the pair would create one of the best UFC rivalries of all time.

It wouldn't end there however, as the two would hate each other during their competitions, and long after as a lot happened between Jones and Cormier throughout the years.

Despite this setback, Cormier would ultimately win both the Light Heavyweight championship, and the Heavyweight championship, achieving 'Double Champ' status.

Cormier would face one of the best Heavyweights of all time in Stipe Miocic, and they would fight three total times.

Miocic would get the best of Cormier, winning the last two fights, and Cormier would retire afterwards, with a record of 22-3-1.


What is Daniel Cormier Doing Now?

Cormier has now become a full-time UFC commentator, consistently calling some of the biggest fights every year.

Additionally, he is the head wrestling coach of Gilroy high school, opened his own gym, and runs his own YouTube channel.

It's safe to say that although he's no longer competing professionally, that he's still keeping himself plenty busy.

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