Is MMA Dangerous? | Everything You Need to Know

In this page we will explain whether MMA is dangerous, if it's safer than Boxing, and what precautions someone can take in order to safely train.

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Is MMA Dangerous?

MMA can be just as dangerous as any other contact sport in the world. The truth is that any contact sport can result in some type of injury, and MMA is no different. The difference is that in MMA, fighters wear gloves and hit each other for multiple rounds, which can result in more cuts and bruises than other sports.

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However what makes MMA a bit more dangerous than the other sports are the Mixed Martial arts that are used in a fight.

For example, in Wrestling all a wrestler needs to worry about is the wrestling threat of the opponent.

In Kickboxing, a kickboxer just needs to worry about being able to strike without being hit back.

In Mixed Martial Arts, a fighter has to realize that he/she can be hit in the face, torso or leg at any time, and can be taken down and submitted as well. This is also what makes the sport so exciting, as there are countless of variables that can affect a fight at any point in time.

Is MMA Safer Than Boxing?

According to the National Library of Medicine, MMA is safer than boxing as far as serious injuries go.

Boxers are more likely to experience serious injuries such as concussions and eye injuries.


However MMA fighters are more likely to be injured, but these injuries are less serious, such as contusions and bruises.

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Part of this can be attributed to the fact that Boxers wear heavier gloves than MMA fighters.

Heavier gloves allow for fighters to throw harder punches with a lesser risk of injuring their hands.

This means that Boxers will be able to sustain a harder level of punching for an entire fight, than a MMA fighter would.

Can MMA Be Safe?

MMA can be safe to practice as long as the proper precautions are taken such as having the appropriate head gear, gloves and mouth guard.

Additionally, having an adequate instructor that can properly teach martial arts will help tremendously in preventing injuries, as well as a sparring partner that understands your level of experience.

If you are at a gym where an instructor is not looking out for your best interests by putting you in the right position to learn, seek another gym.

There is nothing wrong with 'testing' different gyms in the area.

In fact, most gyms have a free trial of a week that you can use before making the decision to sign up.

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