What Does Justin Gaethje Look Like With Glasses?

Justin Gaethje is known to be one of the most exciting fighters in UFC history, as his style and personality never allow for a boring fight to occur.

What many fans don't know however, is that Justin Gaethje used to have awful vision while fighting.

In this page, we will explain what Justin Gaethje looks like with glasses, when he wore them, and when he eventually fixed his vision.

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What Does Justin Gaethje Look Like With Glasses?

In 2020, pictures of Justin Gaethje wearing glasses in a looser shirt surfaced on the Internet.

Not only does Justin Gaethje look like any ordinary human, rather than a UFC fighter, but MadnessMMA would create a side by side picture of Gaethje along with a body builder.

justin gaethje with glasses

The caption would read "What my mom thinks a dangerous man looks like vs what a dangerous man really looks like".

Gaethje would catch wind of this and repost the picture with the caption

"Who did this? I don’t even wear glasses anymore" with a laughing face.

On top of MMA fans (and fighters) getting a good laugh, this fantastic post would also make fans wonder when Gaethje actually wore glasses.

When Did Justin Gaethje Wear Glasses?

Former UFC commentator and fighter, Dan Hardy would speak with Gaethje ahead of his fight against Tony Ferguson at UFC 249.

In this interview, Gaethje would reveal that his vision was so bad, that he would physically have to touch his opponents during fights, in order to know where they were.

Thinking about what Gaethje has accomplished while fighting the majority of his career with terrible vision, is incredible.

Hardy would state:

“He was saying before he had the eye surgery, he would have to get his hands on his opponent to know where they were. His eyesight was so bad that he actually had to physically be in contact with his opponent to know what he was hitting,”

It wasn't until his UFC debut vs Michael Johnson that Gaethje would undergo corrective eye vision to finally fix his vision.

It's safe to say that if Gaethje's vision was in fact that bad, he was absolutely wearing glasses from the beginning of his fighting career in 2011 (his Pro MMA debut) until 2017 when he would debut in the UFC.

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