What is the Most Powerful Kick in Martial Arts? | Explained

There are many different types of kicks that can inflict a lot of damage, but which one is the most powerful kick in martial arts?

most powerful kick in martial arts

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Reverse Sidekick

Also known as the spinning side kick, this kick combines the perfect amount of technique, torque and power in order to have a devastating effect.

It uses massive amounts of rotational energy and your body mass to launch a powerful kick that can be directed at the midsection or the head.

spinning side kick

When done correctly, the spin will be explosive like a discus thrower, and the actual kick will go in a straight line like a spear.

If you spin too fast, the kick will be inaccurate and at an angle, losing power, and missing the target.

If you spin too slow, you won't generate enough power by the time the actual kick is thrown, and the slow speed will allow the opponent to see it coming and avoid it.

Joaquin Buckley Incredible Knockout

UFC fighter Joaquin Buckley had one of the most incredible knockouts of the year, and maybe in the last decade using a modified version of the spinning back kick.

He originally threw a roundhouse kick, his opponent caught it, and Buckley then transitioned into a jumping spinning back kick to knock his opponent out cold.

Joe Rogan Reverse Sidekick

Joe Rogan is known for his incredible reverse sidekick. He showcases the perfect technique, spin and delivery to inflict maximum damage vs his opponent.

Below you can find footage of him doing this in his early years while competing in Taekwondo.


Roundhouse Kick

Another extremely powerful and less complex kick is the roundhouse kick. This is commonly used in all combat sports that allow leg kicks.

It is simple but devastating. Sports Science even did a study on former UFC Champion, Shogun Rua and measured his roundhouse kicks vs his punches.


Mirko Crop Cop Roundhouse Kick

Cro Cop is known as one of the most devastating kickers that the world has ever seen. In fact, they used to say that his right leg was 'Hospital' and his left leg was the 'Cemetery'.

One look at his highlights below and you'll understand why. Even when his opponents tried to block his kicks, their forearms would endure massive amounts of damage.