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Despite being absolute killers in the octagon, some fighters are the most genuine and nice outside of the octagon.

In this page we'll go over the nicest MMA fighters, what makes them the nicest fighters, and even show you videos.

nicest mma fighter

    1. Stephen Wonderboy Thompson

    Although the Baddest Motherf***** belt was made famous through the Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz fight, Thompson was the only recipient of the Nicest Motherf***** belt.

    Thompson is widely regarded as the nicest fighter in the sport today.

    He owns his karate school and frequently holds karate camps. Just by watching the videos of how he interacts with his students, it's amazing how a killer can be this nice.

    One of the funniest interactions was when Thompson would fight Woodley for the belt.

    In a heated interview back and forth, Thompson famously asks Woodley "Why do you have to be so mean" and they both end up laughing.

    Woodley years later would go on to say that Thompson was so nice that it seemed fake. He didn't realize until after their fights that he actually was that nice.

    Another moment that stands out is when he fought Vicente Luque.

    He would go on to drop him several times during the fight from strikes, but every time that this occurred, he would wait until Luque would get up and give him a glove touch.

    The last moment that stands out is Wonderboy would react to his lone knockout loss through his twitch channel.

    I mean, who does that?!

    Twitch viewers were able to get his genuine reaction over one of the lowest moments in his career, and they loved him even more for it.

    2. Daniel Cormier

    Arguably one of the nicest MMA fighters of all time, Cormier at one point was not very well-liked by the public.

    Why is that?

    Simple, his rivalry against crowd favorite Jon Jones.

    Over time, however, Cormier would go on to get the majority of support from the fans as Jones would constantly get into legal trouble and rub fans the wrong way.

    As Cormier would transition to the broadcast booth and commentating team, fans would love him even more as his personality shined.

    However, that's not all. Cormier is extremely invested in the wrestling community.

    He coaches a high school wrestling program and routinely gives back.

    You will find Cormier at wrestling tournaments, coaching all of his kids even if they're 6 years old!

    Just from how he behaves, you would have no idea that he was the heavyweight champion of the world, he just seems like a regular guy.

    He has even opened his new wrestling academy which is where all wrestlers can get better, there are even bunk bed areas, showers, wrestling mats, clothing shops, and much more.

    It's genuinely impressive and speaks volumes to his character as he is doing this all to give back to his community and put his son in a better place as well.

    3. Robert Whittaker

    Whittaker is one of the most likable fighters on the roster.

    Despite winning the middleweight championship (after going through the murderer's row), he almost always has more compliments to throw at his opponent than trash talk.

    Whether it's pre-fight, or post-fight, he will find something nice or respectful to say about his opponents and their team.

    On top of that, fans have gotten a closer look at his personality through his Twitch channel.

    4. Jose Aldo

    Besides being one of the best featherweights of all time, the public turned on Jose Aldo during the Conor McGregor era.

    Despite this, he is well known in Brazil for being a very humble, genuine, and just a great person all-around.

    But I don't have to tell you about it, you be the judge for yourself where you can see a side of Aldo that most haven't.

    Below you can watch a video of how much fun he had purchased his first suit.

    5. Stipe Miocic

    As a full-time firefighter and MMA fighter, Miocic was still able to become the heavyweight champion of the world, while picking up shifts at the station.

    Miocic is an underrated 'nice guy' as he is the epitome of it.

    He is doing a public service, risking his life for others when he could easily sit back and enjoy his life as he has made millions of dollars from his MMA career.

    Even Francis Ngannou (one of the nicest guys himself) was shocked at how nice Miocic was backstage in the clip below.

    6. Damien Maia

    Maia is one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners that the sport has ever seen.

    He is widely regarded as one of the most respectful fighters ever and makes the nicest fighters list.

    Similarly to other fighters on this list, he just has great things to say about his opponents and I don't think he's ever trash-talked an opponent at all.

    Even when he famously fought Colby Covington in Brazil, and Covington went on a very dangerous tirade after his win, Maia was all class afterward.

    One of the best aspects in the octagon that Maia has is he immediately lets go of his submission when he knows his opponent is 'out'.

    Sometimes, fighters will hold on to a choke until the referee waves it off, but Maia will let go at times even before the referee knows that the opponent is out.

    7. George St-Pierre

    GSP came from a very traditional background focused on respect in every aspect of the sport.

    He went on to carry this same respect throughout his career, regardless of what his opponents would say to him to try to get him to retaliate.

    The only opponent who was ever able to make GSP mad was Nick Diaz.

    To be fair, the Diaz brothers can do that to pretty much everyone and anyone.

    GSP famously even apologized in his post-fight interview just for swearing on TV.

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