Pillow Fight Championship: Everything You Need to Know

When you were a kid, there's a good chance that you used pillows to hit each other over the head.

Incredibly enough, it has been turned into a legitimate sport known as the Pillow Fight Championship.

pillow fight

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Is There Professional Pillow Fighting?

Yes, the Pillow Fight Championship was created during the pandemic,and most of the successful athletes participating are former Mixed Martial Artists. Fighters will use a specialized 2 lbs pillow, (that has a handle) and hit each other strategically for 90 seconds.

According to the PFC CEO, Pillow Fighting has the similar strategies and intensity used in Boxing, but without getting hurt. He went on to further explain that fans like to see a competitive bout, but without the blood and injuries, and that's exactly what PFC offers.

What Are the Rules of a Pillow Fight?

  • 3 rounds of 90 seconds
  • A fighter must hit another fighter with a pillow to the head to score a point
  • There are no points to the leg and body
  • However, a fighter is able to score a leg takedown that results in 3 points if the opponent falls to the ground due to a pillow strike
  • The fighter isn't allowed to hold their opponent's arm while attacking
  • Technical Knockouts are allowed
  • No strikes, grappling or takedowns (without pillows) are allowed
  • A referee is in the ring with the fighters

What Type of Pillow is Used in PFC?

In the words of the Pillow Fight Championship CEO:

Your home pillow is really the same thing we're using. What's different is the pillow case. 

The case itself is specially designed out of ripstop nylon and it has six straps. It gives you more control of the total pillow. You swing it around and you [can] kind of change directions with it faster.



Fighters in Pillow Fight Championship

Most of the fighters that are having success in PFC are made up of former MMA fighters. One of the most notable MMA fighters is Marcus Brimage, a fighter who would fight Conor McGregor, Cody Garbrandt and Jimmie Rivera in the UFC. He was actually the favorite going into his last PFC fight.

Is Pillow Fighting an Olympic Sport?

Pillow Fighting is not an Olympic sport (at least not yet), and is currently in its infancy state. This sport still has a lot to figure out, and if it survives, it may take decades before it is seriously considered for the Olympics.