How Long is UFC's Round Time? | Easily Explained

A UFC round for a fighter will last several minutes before they receive a small break, to continue to the next round.

In this page, we will explain how long a UFC round is, how long their break is, and how many rounds are in a fight.

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  • How Long is a Round in the UFC?
  • How Long is the Break Between Rounds?
  • How Many Rounds Are in a UFC Fight?

How Long is a Round in the UFC?

A full UFC round will last 5 minutes, as long as there's no interruptions, such as a time out by the referee.

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The only times there are breaks during a round, are if there is an accidental strike such as a low blow, or eye poke.

The referee will stop the action to give the guilty fighter a warning, or a point deduction.

The fighter who was struck will then be given up to 5 minutes to recover. 

When the fighter is ready to continue, the round time will resume.

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How Long is the Break Between Rounds

Fighters receive a 1 minute break in between rounds.

In this break, they are able to sit on the stool, receive corner advice, drink water, receive 'treatment' for their wounds (cold compression), and they are able to be cleaned/wiped off via towel.

In a championship fight they'll have five 1 minute breaks (5 minutes total), and in non-championship fights, they'll have three 1 minute breaks (3 minutes total).

Overall, a 1 minute break in between rounds isn't a lot of time. A fighter is trying to catch his breath, while having to stay still to get treatment on their superficial wounds, and receive corner advice.

Fighters have some of the toughest jobs on earth, both physically and mentally.

How Many Rounds Are in a UFC Fight?

There are two answers to this question:

  • 5 Rounds if it is a Championship Fight or Main Event (5 Rounds x 5 Minutes)
  • 3 Rounds for a Non-Championship/Non-Main Event fight (3 Rounds x 5 Minutes)

We've created a guide on how long MMA fights last that explains when these round times became official, and events where main events haven't been 5 rounds.

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