How Long is UFC Fight Night? | Research Included

In this page we will cover how long a UFC Fight Night is on average, including how long a preliminary card is, how long a main card is, and what you can expect when watching a Fight Night.

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How Long is a UFC Fight Night?

A UFC Fight Night from start to finish typically lasts around 6 hours. A Fight Night consists of a preliminary card and a main card. In the January UFC Fight Night card of Calvin Kattar vs Giga Chikadze, the preliminary fights began at 5 pm and the last fight of the main card ended around 10:45 pm, a total of 6 hours.

How long the Fight Night lasts ultimately depends on how many fights there are , and whether fights end quickly, or if they go the distance.

If a scheduled 15 minute fight does not last 15 minutes, due to a fighter being able to submit or knockout his opponent, the card will fly by. That fight will have ended, and the next fight will began shortly after.

Kattar vs Chikadze had a total of 10 fights for the night.

Prelim - Amount of Fights

In Kattar vs Chikadze's Preliminary card, there were a total of 4 fights. All 4 fights were won via decision, which means all 4 fights went as long as they possibly could.

The preliminary card lasted 2 hours in total.

3 Rounds x 5 Minutes = 15 Minutes.
1 Minute Break in Between Rounds x 3 Rounds = 3 minutes.

4 fights going the distance resulted in 72 minutes of official fight time. If any of those fights had resulted in a finish, it could have been a 1/4th as long.

Main Card - Amount of Fights

In Kattar vs Chikadze's Main card, there were a total of 6 fights. The main card lasted 4 hours.

4 of those fights resulted in a decision, and one fight was stopped by submission in round 1, and another was stopped by TKO in round 1.

How Long Do UFC Fights Last?

UFC Fights can be scheduled to be 3 rounds of 5 minutes, or 5 rounds of 5 minutes. 5 rounders are normally only scheduled for main events and/or championship fights. UFC Fights can last 15 minutes to 25 minutes, but it can end much quicker if a fighter is able to finish their opponent.