3 Weirdest UFC Knockouts in History

There have been many knockouts in the history of the UFC, however none have been weirder than the ones below.

weirdest ufc knockouts

Table of Contents

    1. Shane Burgos vs Edson Barboza
    2. Korean Zombie vs Yair Rodriguez
    3. Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

      1. Shane Burgos vs Edson Barboza

      Delayed Knockout

      There hasn't been a stranger knockout to date, than the recent Burgos vs Barboza fight.

      Barboza is known for his elite striking (and fantastic knockouts), and Burgos is known for being extremely well rounded, along with very tough.

      They had a nice back and forth affair until suddenly Barboza hit Burgos with a jab and an overhand right, which Burgos seemingly took well until he didn't..

      The body of Burgos would give up on him a few seconds later, and he would back pedal and fall to the ground. It almost seemed like Burgos held on for as long as he could, until his body betrayed him.

      Watching the replay, you can see the eyes of Burgos roll to the back of his head as his knees began buckling.

      This is an extremely bizarre knockout, I've been watching MMA for 20+ years and I haven't seen anything like this.



      2. Korean Zombie vs Yair Rodriguez

      The ultra popular Korean Zombie who is known for putting on exciting fights, taking on the young phenom striker in Yair Rodriguez.

      These two had put on an exciting back and forth affair throughout the fight. With 1 minute left in the fight, they both stood still as the crowd cheered, and they decided to empty out the gas tank.

      As they unloaded strikes on each other, there was 1 second left on the clock, Zombie was chasing forward for the knockout, when suddenly Rodriguez ducked and the Korean Zombie was out cold on the octagon.

      It wasn't until the replay, that we noticed the strike that actually knocked him out was a sneaky upward elbow that Rodriguez threw while ducking.

      This is absolutely one of the strangest knockouts I've ever seen, a ducking upward elbow that lands flush with 1 second left.



      3. Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

      The first two knockouts that we covered were strange due to being a delayed knockout, and an unreal strike, this one is a little different.

      Anderson Silva had dominated his Middleweight division, and decided to move up 20 lbs and face a former Lightheavyweight Champion in Forrest Griffin.

      This was seen by many fans as a very legitimate test for Silva, however the fight played out much differently.

      Silva would be levels above Griffin in the striking department, as he knocked Griffin down 3 times in the first round.

      Griffin would eventually try to land a combo while walking forward, which Silva easily dodge and countered with a jab that seemingly had no power, which knocked Griffin down again.

      That would conclude the fight as Silva easily outclassed a former UFC champion.

      Hilariously years later, Griffin being the good sport that he is, he would do an interview about what was going on in his head during that fight, and how Silva looked at him.

      This is a must watch as Griffin explaining this is pure comedy. He explains that after he threw a punch, Silva gave him a look of "Did you really think you could hit me? What a stupid think to think".