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In this page we will cover why the famous Oblique kick is actually called an Oblique kick, what an oblique kick is, and which fighters have had success with the kick.

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What is an Oblique Kick

An oblique kick is one of the most controversial kicks in Mixed Martial arts, as it can cause severe damage to the knee of an opponent. This kick strikes the thigh, and can buckle the knee, potentially causing damage.

oblique kick

The oblique kick is very effective as it keeps opponents at a distance, and can be used as both an offensive and defensive move.

This kick is very effective for fighters with a longer build, where they can consistently pepper their opponents with oblique kicks to set a range, as well as set up other moves to other body parts.

Why is it Called an Oblique Kick

The reason that it is called an 'Oblique Kick' is due to one of the ligaments in the knee being called the 'Oblique Popliteal Ligament'. The oblique kick can severely damage the knee of an opponent.

There is also speculation that it is called an oblique kick due to the angle of how the kick is thrown. The angle which the kick strikes is exactly like an oblique triangle.

oblique triangle

Push Kicks to the Knee

The oblique kick is also commonly referred to as a push kick to the knee.

Checking an Oblique Kick

Daniel Cormier explained the best way to check an oblique kick in the following interview on ESPN MMA:

I knew that he would kick that side front kick, so I just lift my front leg up! It's almost like checking a kick. If you just lift your foot off up the ground to where all your weight isn't on your front foot, it doesn't get hyper-extended.

So you just lift your foot, and he kicks your knee, and your knee kind of just bends back. You have to prepare yourself for that

MMA Fighters Using the Oblique Kick

Jon Jones

Jon Jones was the first fighter to completely immobilize his opponents using oblique kicks. It would take years before other fighters would successfully incorporate them into their own skillset.

You can watch Jon Jones use oblique kicks in fights, as well as break down how to properly throw them in the video below.


Khalil Rountree

Years later Rountree would throw a vicious oblique kick and end the fight with one simple kick to the leg. The fighter on the receiving end could immediately be heard yelling in pain, and holding his leg trying to stabilize it.

Daniel Cormier would be commentating and would exclaim "I have never seen nothing like that!"