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UFC Pay Per Views have increased in price over the years, but many fans are wondering why is the UFC PPV so expensive now?

In this page we'll cover why these PPV's have gone up in price, what price they're at now, and how you can buy it.

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Why is UFC PPV So Expensive?

Supply and Demand

The first reason is due to simple economics, supply and demand.

As the UFC has skyrocketed in popularity, landing deals with FOX, and then later ESPN, they've gained more exposure and have gained a larger following.

To put it into perspective the UFC sold for $4.2 billion in 2016, but is now worth in the ballpark of $9-10 billion, only 5 years later.

Their Fight Card

Dana White grew up in the boxing world, doing every possible role that he could do, to earn his keep and understand the actual sport of fighting, as well as the business side.

Due to this, he was able to see some of the major flaws of boxing including too many weight classes, the best not fighting the best, and a top heavy fight card.

He used this knowledge and applied it in order to ensure that they avoided these problems in the UFC.

One look at a UFC fight card compared to a Boxing one, and you'll immediately notice there are a multitude of fighters who can headline their own card, that are in the undercard of more popular fighters.

This is a common occurrence as the undercard and even the prelims are loaded with talented fighters.

With this being said, you're paying for the entire fight card, rather than just the one main event, which leads to higher costs.

How Much Does a UFC PPV Cost

$69.99 per Pay Per View event if you have an ESPN+ account ($6.99/month).

$89.99 per Pay Per View event if you do not have an ESPN+ account.

ESPN+ Account Perks

With an ESPN+ account, you will have unlimited access to tons of movies, series and shows. You will also be able to watch any non-PPV events included with your membership.

This includes events such as UFC Fight Night & Dana White's Contender Series.

You'll also be able to watch the preliminary fights of PPV events with your ESPN+ membership.

Where to Buy a UFC PPV

  1. Visit theΒ ESPN website
  2. Select UFC 268 &Β ESPN+ Bundle
  3. Click β€œGet Now”
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have to Buy Every UFC Fight?

If the fight is a pay per view, yes. There is currently no subscription where you are able to purchase all of the pay per views for the year. However, if the fight is not a pay per view, you will be able to watch all of these fights with an ESPN+ membership.