10 Best Muay Thai Gloves For Beginners | Train Comfortably & Safely

Having a good pair of Muay Thai gloves allows you to train confidently and without worry.

In this guide, we'll explain what the best Muay Thai gloves for beginners are, the pros and cons of each one, and how to choose the right gloves for you.

1. FIVING Boxing Gloves 10oz White

FIVING Boxing Gloves

A fantastic choice for beginners looking for comfortable, durable, and stylish Muay Thai gloves with excellent wrist support and protection.


  • High-quality PU leather for easy cleaning and durability
  • Breathable mesh design to keep your hands cool and reduce odors
  • Extra-thick and long wrist strap for a secure and comfortable fit


  • Not suitable for those with larger hands
  • Some users may find the design too flashy
  • Limited color options

As beginners ourselves, we have found these FIVING Boxing Gloves to be perfect for starting in Muay Thai. Known for their high-quality PU leather construction, these gloves are not only super durable but also effortlessly easy to clean with a wet towel. We've also been impressed with how quickly any unpleasant odors vanish, thanks to the breathable mesh design.

During intense training sessions, we appreciated the extra-thick and long wrist strap with the gloves. This unique design element not only made them easy to put on and take off but also ensured maximum protection for our wrists. With an attractive logo design and unique color options, these gloves truly make a statement.

However, it is worth mentioning that some users with larger hands might find these gloves a bit tight, particularly in the 10oz size. Additionally, those who prefer subtler designs may find the FIVING Boxing Gloves to be a bit on the flashy side. And while we've loved the available color options, it is somewhat limited.

In summary, the FIVING Boxing Gloves are a comfortable, durable, and stylish option designed with beginners in mind. As we've mentioned, we absolutely love the secure wrist support and breathability offered by these gloves. Though they may not be the perfect fit for everyone, they're an excellent option for beginners starting their journey in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA.

2. Jayefo Kids Boxing Gloves

Jayefo Kids Boxing Gloves

We highly recommend the Jayefo Kids Boxing Gloves for beginner Muay Thai practitioners seeking safety, durability, and comfort.


  • Excellent wrist protection with padded hook & loop straps
  • Thumb-lock feature for extra safety
  • Dual padding and comfortable lining for added protection


  • Limited color options
  • Only available in 4 and 6-oz sizes
  • May not fit very small hands

The Jayefo Boxing Gloves for kids and children are perfect for beginners honing their skills in Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA. These gloves offer great wrist protection, featuring padded hook and loop straps that are easy to put on and adjust. The gloves are available in 4 and 6-oz sizes, making them perfect for those with smaller hands looking for the right fit.

The gloves provide enhanced safety features such as a thumb-lock mechanism that prevents the thumb from hitting the surface, significantly reducing the risk of injury. The dual padding, comfortable lining, and air vent holes ensure both protection and breathability, making them an ideal choice for extended training sessions.

In terms of design, the Jayefo gloves are available only in black and orange, which may not appeal to everyone. Additionally, the gloves may not fit very small hands comfortably, which could be a concern for some. Otherwise, the overall feel, protection, and durability of these gloves make them an excellent choice for beginner Muay Thai practitioners.

To summarize, we found the Jayefo Kids Boxing Gloves to be a reliable and safe option for beginners in Muay Thai and other combat sports. With their practical safety features and comfortable fit, these gloves are a worthwhile investment for young fighters looking to improve their skills.

3. Jayefo Kids Boxing Gloves

Jayefo Kids Boxing Gloves

Jayefo Kids Boxing Gloves are a reliable, safe, and beginner-friendly option for children starting their Muay Thai journey.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Suitable for multiple sports
  • Safety and thumb-lock feature


  • Slightly inaccurate weight
  • Limited color options
  • May not fit all kids

We had the opportunity to test out the Jayefo Kids Boxing Gloves and found them to be a great option for young beginners entering the world of Muay Thai, boxing, or mixed martial arts. The gloves offer versatile use, making them suitable for a variety of sports like boxing, kickboxing, judo, karate, and self-defense.

Safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a pair of gloves for children, and that's where Jayefo truly shines. These gloves have a thumb-lock feature, ensuring the thumb won't come into contact with the hitting surface, and minimizing the risk of injury. Furthermore, Jayefo has designed these gloves with additional padding, providing extra protection during sparring or heavy bag workouts.

One major advantage of these gloves is the 5-year warranty offered by the company. This means if you face any issues with the gloves within this period, Jayefo will replace or refund your purchase. This level of confidence in their product adds an extra layer of reassurance when making a purchase.

However, we noticed that the gloves were slightly lighter than advertised, which may affect their effectiveness. Additionally, there are limited color options available, and the gloves may not fit all kids. Despite these shortcomings, the overall quality, safety features, and affordability make Jayefo Kids Boxing Gloves a solid choice for children beginning their journey into combat sports.

4. DRILLS Durable Boxing Training Gloves


The DRILLS Durable Boxing Training Gloves are ideal for beginners and advanced boxers looking for high-quality gloves at an affordable price.


  • Multi-use for various martial arts
  • Supports a good cause with proceeds going to Northside Boxing Club
  • High-quality construction with triple/quad-layer padding


  • May not fit smaller hands well
  • Lining inside could be tighter
  • Cuff area is somewhat narrow for wrapped hands

As beginners to Muay Thai and other martial arts, we found the DRILLS Durable Boxing Training Gloves to be very comfortable and supportive. The triple-layer padding in the 12oz size and quad-layer padding in the 16oz size provide adequate shock absorption for a variety of drills and activities.

We also appreciated that the proceeds go towards a worthy cause, supporting Northside Boxing Club. This added incentive made us feel good about our purchase and encouraged us to keep training.

The large Velcro enclosure provides a secure fit, minimizing the risk of hand injuries. However, some of us with smaller hands felt that the gloves were not the best fit. The lining inside the gloves seemed a bit loose, and it was a bit challenging to get our hands in with wraps due to the somewhat narrow cuff area.

Cleaning these gloves was a breeze, as they only required a wet towel to wipe off any sweat and dirt. This is a huge plus for those of us with busy schedules.

Overall, we would recommend the DRILLS Durable Boxing Training Gloves for beginners and advanced fighters alike. The gloves offer excellent protection and durability, and support the greater good of helping kids through boxing, education, and physical fitness.

5. Fairtex BGV9 Muay Thai Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves

These Fairtex BGV9 Muay Thai Gloves are an excellent choice for beginners due to their durable construction, impressive shock absorption, and comfortable fit.


  • Premium quality leather for durability
  • Superior padding for protection and comfort
  • Secure Velcro strap closure


  • Initial stiffness requires a break-in period
  • Might not be suitable for those with large hands
  • Limited color options

We found the Fairtex BGV9 Muay Thai Gloves to be perfect for beginners engaging in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and other combat sports. Made with premium quality leather, these gloves are built to last and can withstand heavy bag training, pad work, sparring, and more. The superior padding offers ultimate protection and comfort, making them ideal for all levels of training.

Additionally, the gloves are designed with a Velcro strap closure that provides a secure fit and prevents slippage during training. However, some users reported initial stiffness, so it is essential to break them in slowly over a few weeks. Once broken in, users can expect a comfortable and snug fit.

It's important to note that these gloves might not be ideal for those with larger hands, as some users found the fit to be a bit tight. Also, the color options may be limited, which might not suit everyone's personal style preferences.

6. Athllete Boxing Training Gloves

Boxing Training Gloves

These gloves are a solid choice for beginners in Muay Thai, offering reliable support, protection, and comfort during training sessions.


  • Full padding promotes proper technique
  • Thumb-Lock feature prevents injury
  • Convenient Velcro wrist closure


  • Might not be suitable for heavy use
  • Some users reported durability issues
  • Sizing could be a bit off

These Athllete Boxing Training Gloves offer the right mix of protection and support for beginners stepping into the world of Muay Thai and kickboxing. We found that the full padding on the front and back of the wrist encourages proper technique and helps to prevent injuries during sparring, MMA training, and practice.

The thumb-lock feature is particularly useful for keeping the thumb and fist correctly positioned during workouts, reducing the risk of injury. The Velcro wrist closure makes it easy to put on and take off the gloves while providing excellent wrist support.

While these gloves are great for both men and women just starting in the sport, more advanced fighters or those who train vigorously might find durability issues over time. Some users reported tearing and peeling at the seams around the thumb area, so keep an eye out for that if you decide to purchase these gloves.

Sizing could be an issue for some, so make sure to double-check the measurements before ordering. Overall, the Athllete Boxing Training Gloves are a comfortable and secure choice for beginners looking to enhance their Muay Thai training.

7. Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

We found these gloves great for beginners stepping into the Muay Thai world, providing excellent support and protection.


  • Ergonomically designed for a perfect fit
  • Premium leather with shock-absorbent padding
  • Suitable for multipurpose use across various combat sports


  • Requires some break-in time
  • Relatively large inner pocket for average-sized hands
  • Limited color options

Our experience with the Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves has been enjoyable, thanks to their ergonomic design, providing a unique contoured hand compartment that ensures a secure and snug fit for both men and women. Made in the land of Muay Thai, Thailand, these gloves are crafted with premium leather, ensuring durability and authenticity.

The shock absorbent padding in these gloves offers excellent hand and knuckle protection, making them suitable not only for Muay Thai but also for other combat sports like kickboxing, MMA, and general fitness training. The single strap closure makes them convenient to put on or take off, which is a huge plus for beginners.

One downside we have noticed is that these gloves require some break-in time, as they are made of real leather. The inner pocket of the 16oz gloves might feel a bit large for some people; however, wearing hand wraps should provide a better fit. The color options for these gloves are relatively limited, but the available choices of black, white, and red can still match most preferences.

8. Natudeco Boxing Gloves for Kids

Natudeco Boxing Gloves for Kids

We highly recommend these gloves for young beginners in Muay Thai due to their durability, comfort, and breathability.


  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Secure and adjustable fit
  • Breathable and cool design


  • Only suitable for ages 7-13
  • Limited color choice
  • May not be suitable for professional training

We recently tried the Natudeco Boxing Gloves for kids and loved their enhanced impact absorption. The padded design on the gloves offers excellent resilience, effectively protecting your child's hands from injury and minimizing discomfort during training or sparring.

The hook and loop closure system provides a flexible and adjustable fit, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for your child's wrists. This feature enhances protection and stability during boxing, giving you peace of mind as a parent.

Designed with air holes in the palm area, the gloves offer excellent breathability and ventilation. This keeps the hands cool and comfortable during intense workouts, preventing excessive sweating and discomfort. This makes them perfect for young Muay Thai enthusiasts looking for comfortable gloves.

Ergonomically designed to conform to the natural shape of the fist, these gloves ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance. This allows for precise punches and strikes while maintaining comfort and reducing the risk of hand fatigue.

Made from high-quality PU material, the gloves are durable and resistant to wear and tear. They are built to withstand rigorous training sessions, providing reliable support for your child during their Muay Thai journey. However, they may not be suitable for professional training, and the limited color options might not appeal to everyone.

9. Fairtex Microfibre Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Microfibre Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

We highly recommend these gloves for beginners thanks to their excellent fit, durable construction, and impressive performance.


  • Snug fit and adjustable hook & loop closure system
  • Consistent weight distribution for proper power and protection
  • Made with top-quality genuine leather for durability


  • May need better ventilation for long training sessions
  • Might not be suitable for larger hand sizes
  • Synthetic leather might cause discomfort for some users

Fairtex Microfibre Muay Thai Boxing Gloves offer a perfect fit that maximizes punching power and improves training performance for beginners. The gloves have a secure fit with a double-stitched, adjustable hook & loop closure system, ensuring they stay in place during intense workouts.

The new design of these gloves ensures consistent and correct weight distribution, offering maximum protection for your hands, wrists, and knuckles. The genuine leather construction, foam padding, and breathable mesh lining make these gloves durable and long-lasting, capable of withstanding even the toughest training and exercise sessions.

These versatile gloves are perfect for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and other combat sports, as well as general fitness and martial arts. Handmade with premium and authentic leather in Thailand, the home of Muay Thai, these gloves provide an authentic and high-quality experience.

One downside we noticed is the need for better ventilation, especially during longer training sessions. Additionally, the gloves may not be suitable for users with larger hand sizes, and the synthetic leather could cause discomfort for some.

10. KVL Boxing Gloves for Training

KVL Boxing Gloves

We recommend these gloves for beginners and pros alike due to their comfort, durability, and excellent support.


  • Supreme durability and comfort
  • Multi-purpose for various training activities
  • Superior impact protection


  • Limited color options
  • Size availability (12oz only)
  • Startup brand

We recently tried the KVL Boxing Gloves for Training and were impressed by their performance. The gloves feature a performance-engineered leather construction that offers supreme durability and comfort. The mesh palm lining ensures maximum breathability, keeping our hands cool and helping us stay focused on our target.

These gloves are designed for high-end performance and are suitable for both beginners and pros. We used them for heavy bag workouts, Muay Thai, kickboxing, sparring, and martial arts. They held up well and provided the protection and support needed for various training activities.

One of the standout features of these gloves is their gel impact high compression foam, which helps protect against impacts and shocks during training. We felt the impact but not the pain, allowing for a comfortable and effective workout.

The full wrap-around wrist strap with a secure hook and loop enclosure offers excellent wrist support and makes it easy to put on and take off the gloves. The ventilation provided for our wrists was a plus, preventing the gloves from slipping.

Despite being a startup sporting goods equipment brand, Fi8Pro Sports strives to ensure customer satisfaction while providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. If improvements can be made to enhance our purchase experience, we can reach out to them on Amazon.

Overall, the KVL Boxing Gloves for Training is a worthy investment for beginners and pros alike, offering a comfortable and durable option for various training activities.

Choosing the Right Muay Thai Gloves For You

When it comes to choosing the best Muay Thai gloves for beginners, many factors come into play. We want to help you make the best decision possible by offering our top considerations for finding the ideal gloves.

Protection and Padding

The main purpose of gloves is to protect hands and wrists during training or sparring. Look for gloves with adequate padding to ensure maximum safety and comfort. Gloves with reinforced padding over the knuckles and wrist support are desirable features.

Size and Weight

Muay Thai gloves come in various sizes and weights. The most common sizes range from 12 to 16 ounces. Generally, lighter gloves provide better mobility and speed, while heavier gloves offer more protection and power. For beginners, we recommend starting with 14 or 16-ounce gloves to ensure a balance of protection and mobility.

Material and Construction Quality

High-quality materials and construction contribute to the durability and comfort of gloves. Genuine leather gloves provide better durability as compared to synthetic leather or vinyl gloves. However, the latter options can be more affordable. Make sure to carefully assess the stitching and overall construction of the gloves before purchasing.

Fit and Comfort

Comfort is essential when selecting any gear, especially gloves. A well-fitted glove is essential for efficient training and reduced risk of injury. Ensure that the gloves fit snugly but still allow for a comfortable hand closure around the padding. Additionally, ventilation features, such as mesh panels, can improve breathability and comfort during extended training sessions.


As a beginner, you will likely be engaging in various Muay Thai techniques, such as clinching, striking, and sparring. Select gloves that can accommodate these different aspects of training. Some gloves may cater to specific techniques, such as bag gloves for heavy bag work, but versatile gloves that can be used in multiple scenarios are ideal for beginners.

By considering these factors, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect pair of Muay Thai gloves for your training needs.

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