Why Do Muay Thai Fighters Wear Ropes on Their Arms?

In seemingly every Muay Thai fight, you'll see fighters wearing a unique type of rope on their arms.

In this page, we will explain exactly why Muay Thai Fighters wear ropes on their arms, what it means, and where the tradition began.

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Why Do Muay Thai Fighters Wear Ropes on Their Arms?

Muay Thai Fighters wear unique ropes on their arms as a symbol of protection, good luck, and confidence. Typically, family members and/or loved ones will create this from nylon, hemp threads, fabric, or rope material.

Why Do Muay Thai Fighters Wear Ropes on Their Arms

The arm band's official name is known as the Pra Jiad', it can be worn on one or both arms of the fighter.

How Did the Tradition of Wearing This Begin?

This tradition began hundreds of years ago before Muay Thai was even considered a sport.

This originated from when warriors would leave their homes to head to battle, and they would receive a piece of their mother's clothing for similar reasons as they are used for today.

However, in that era, the piece of clothing would also symbolize a safe return home from battle.

To give you perspective on how important this was for warriors, this piece of clothing and gift was deemed so sacred, that many believed that if it was dropped on the floor or stepped on at any point, it would lose its mythical power.

How it Was Worn Back Then

The main difference in how it was worn at that time is that warriors would either wear the Pra Jiad around their arms or wrists.

Combat Sports is Born

As times began to change, and civilization continued to evolve, Combat sports would eventually be created.

Although warriors no longer head to battle to participate in hand-to-hand combat, they will still head to the ring in a Muay Thai fight, and carry the Pra Jiad with them.

Pra Jiad Used For Ranks

In recent years, some gyms began to use the Pra Jiad as a symbol for ranks.

According to Budodragon, there are a total of 16 colored armbands that students can progress through.

The first armband you can receive is the color white, and the last one is of the color black and gold

  1. White armband
  2. Yellow armband
  3. Orange armband
  4. Green armband
  5. Blue armband
  6. Blue & White armband
  7. Purple armband
  8. Purple & White armband
  9. Red armband
  10. Red & White armband
  11. Brown armband
  12. Brown & white armband
  13. Black armband
  14. Black and Red armband
  15. Black and Silver armband
  16. Black and Gold armband

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