Are Taekwondo Takedowns Allowed? | Easily Explained

In this page, we explain whether or not Taekwondo takedowns are allowed, and if it is taught in Taekwondo schools.

    Are There Takedowns in Taekwondo?

    Although Taekwondo is primarily a striking-based martial art, that prioritizes leg strikes and distance control, takedowns are taught at some schools. In the self-defense portion of the class, they will teach how to use takedowns to escape a difficult situation.

    Does Taekwondo Use Takedowns


    Two types of takedowns are taught at Taekwondo schools, and they are takedowns in combination with strikes, and takedowns after escaping a choke.

    Takedowns & Strikes

    In the following video, a Taekwondo instructor demonstrates a combination of a barrage of punches, specific holds, and takedowns.

    Takedowns After Escaping a Choke/Grab

    The following video shows two martial art practitioners working on certain drills where one opponent grabs or chokes the other, and the one being attacked has a certain set of moves that will result in a takedown.


    Compared to grappling-based martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling, the takedowns taught in Taekwondo are very basic, but having a basic knowledge of it can help tremendously in real-life situations.

    What is Throwing in Martial Arts?

    Throwing in martial arts is a grappling-based technique where one opponent will lift the other, using body positioning, leverage, and technique to cause the opponent to become off balance and land on the ground.

    Dozens of takedowns can be used depending on the distance from the opponent, as well as size.

    Throwing in martial arts can be a very effective method to gain an instant advantage on your opponent.

    Landing a successful throw can result in more advantageous positions that you can continue transitioning to, or position you for a ground-and-pound opportunity.

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