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In this page we will cover what the highest belt in Taekwondo is, how long it take to get that belt, and the order of belts in Taekwondo.

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What is the Highest Belt in Taekwondo

The highest belt in Taekwondo is a 10th degree (also known dan) Black Belt. Once you achieve your black belt, there are 10 different degrees which you must test for successfully in order to be promoted to the next degree.

Highest Belt in TKD

Typically there are physical requirements including form, sparring, board break, and fitness testing.


Order of Belts in Taekwondo

Belt orders can vary according to which association that dojo belongs to.

According to the American Taekwondo Association, the belt ranks are as follows:


  1. White belt
  2. White belt decided (stripe)
  3. Orange belt
  4. Orange belt decided (stripe)
  5. Yellow belt
  6. Yellow belt decided (stripe)
  7. Camouflage belt
  8. Camouflage belt decided (stripe)
  9. Green belt
  10. Green belt decided (stripe)
  11. Purple belt
  12. Purple belt decided (stripe)
  13. Blue belt
  14. Blue belt decided (stripe)
  15. Brown belt
  16. Brown belt (stripe)
  17. Red belt
  18. Red belt decided (stripe)
  19. Red black
  20. Black belt recommended
  21. First degree black belt
  22. Second degree black belt
  23. Third degree black belt
  24. Fourth degree black belt
  25. Fifth degree black belt
  26. Sixth degree black belt
  27. Seventh degree black belt
  28. Eight degree black belt
  29. Ninth degree black belt
  30. Tenth degree black belt

How Long Does it Take to Get a Black Belt?

In Taekwondo it takes approximately 3 years to receive your first degree black belt. In order to achieve this, you will have to begin at white belt and progress through each belt, passing the different requirements of each belt.

Then once you achieve a black belt, there are length requirements for how long you have to be at a rank before being eligible to test.

black belt taekwondo

For example you must be a second degree black belt for a minimum of 24 months before being able to test for third degree black belt.

Can You Lose Your Black Belt?

You cannot lose your black belt as it is a symbol of accumulated skill and the amount of time that you've put into the martial art. Unlike a UFC championship belt, it cannot be stripped from you due to out of the gym (or cage) incidents.

Is Jackie Chan a Black Belt?

Jackie Chan trained martial arts for over a decade and earned a black belt in Hapkido. He has also trained in other martial arts including Judo, karate, Wushu, Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do and Kung Fu.

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