What to Wear to Taekwondo Class | Easily Explained

Getting ready for your first Taekwondo class can become stressful, but it doesn't have to be.

In this page we will cover what to wear to Taekwondo class on your first day, every other day after that, if you're allowed to wear shoes, and what you should pack.

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    What Should I Wear On My First Day of Taekwondo?

    On your first day of Taekwondo you will not have a Gi like everyone else, and that's okay. You can simply wear an athletic t-shirt, and running shorts with no pockets.


    mens athletic short tshirt


    mma shorts without pockets

    The reason that you want to avoid pockets is due to the risk of the pocket catching someone's toes when they kick.

    If you've ever accidentally kicked or thrown a hand strike where you become stuck inside the pocket, you'll know it's extremely painful.

    Additionally, although you may feel out of place wearing 'Normal clothes' next to everybody else, you'll realize that every single person has had to take their first class.

    The instructor and students will all be understanding and will do their best to help you, and make sure that everything is explained at a pace that you can follow.

    What to Wear to Class as a Taekwondo Student

    As a Taekwondo student you are expected to wear your Taekwondo uniform, also referred to as the Gi.

    The Gi must not be wrinkled, stained or full of pet hair (use a lint roller to remove pet hair).

    karate uniform

    The belt must be tied around the waist and around the top portion of the gi.

    Undershirts are allowed under the gi.

    Your arm and pant sleeves should not be rolled up in any capacity (Unless the uniform is too large and you were instructed to do so by the instructor).

    Do You Wear Shoes to Taekwondo?

    Although Taekwondo is normally practiced barefoot on the mats, there are Taekwondo shoes specifically made to practice on the mats that you are able to wear.

    If you have sensitive feet, or are healing from some type of cut/wound, the below shoes are a perfect solution.

    taekwondo shoes

    These are the only types of shoes that are allowed to be worn on the mat, any regular sneakers should be taken off, before entering into the mats barefoot.

    What Should I Pack For Taekwondo?

    As a Taekwondo student, you will need various items to be prepared for the Taekwondo curriculum that often changes including:

    • Uniform
    • Belt
    • Bags
    • Mouthpiece
    • Sparring Gear
    • Weapons
    • Mouth Guard
    • Water Bottle

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