Football vs Wrestling | What is Harder?

In this page we will cover what is the harder to sport to play in Football vs Wrestling, how they're different from each other, and if playing one sport will help you with the other.

football vs wrestling

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What is Harder: Football vs Wrestling?

Football and Wrestling are two completely different sports that require a different tool set of skills. Football is a more team-focused sport, whereas wrestling is a very individual-focused sport. Physically, wrestling is the harder sport, however mentally, football is the harder sport.

wrestling pin

Make no mistake about it, both sports are extremely physical and some of the toughest in the world.

What is Football

Football is the ultimate team sport composed of 11 players on Offense, and 11 players on Defense playing against each other.

american football

There are three different levels, and in each level there are different body types that are needed.

There is the 'trenches/front', which is where the offensive and defensive linemen match up. These will always be the bigger (and slower) body types on the team.

football olinemen

There is the second level players, which is where the mix of stronger, more athletic, but not as fast players line up, including the linebackers on Defense, and the Tight Ends & Running backs, Quarterback on offense.

Lastly there are the third level players, which is where the most athletic and faster players on the field will play. On defense it is known as the Defensive Backs, and on offense they are known as the Wide Receivers.

wide receivers football

Now in every given play, all three of these groups will face off due to designed plays, and one unit (offense) will try to score a touchdown, while the other unit (defense) will try to prevent a touchdown, and shut out the offense.

You can see how there are a ton of moving parts for the duration of a 3 hour game, and one mistake from one person can easily ruin the entire play.

This is in simple terms, why Football is the ultimate team sport.

What is Wrestling

Wrestling is a sport and martial art where the ultimate goal is to pin the opponent. This can be achieved through trips, take downs, and throws and eventually holding the opponent on their back with both shoulder blades touching the mat for two seconds.

wrestling take down

Wrestling is one of the most physically grueling sports in the world as it uses all the muscles in your body for extended periods of time.

It requires a combination of physical power, technical skill and a high level of mental toughness to be successful.

Additionally, they have to cut weight in order to wrestle at a weight class where they will match up against opponents of similar size.

Is Wrestling Tougher Than Football?

Wrestling is physically tougher than football due to having to use all of the muscles for extended periods of times, whereas the average play in Football is 4 seconds. However, both sports require extreme levels of physical and mental toughness.

Is Wrestling Good For Football?

Wrestling is absolutely a good skill set that can translate over to football. Understanding body leverage & body positioning can be a huge help when delivering blocks, shedding blocks, and even making tackles.

football tackle

In football, you typically won't make the same tackle the same way every single play due to all of the moving parts.

At times you'll have to make a tackle 'in the hole' in a limited-spaced area, and other times you'll have to make a tackle in the open field, where the ball carrier can choose any direction to go.

Stephen Neal is a former wrestler and successful NFL guard who would go on to win 3 Super Bowls with the Patriots despite not playing College Football.

However, he was also a very successful wrestler, posting a 156-10 record in 4 All-American seasons, even defeating Brock Lesnar in the Championship match.

He was able to use his wrestling fundamentals and apply that into blocking humans bigger than him for a living.