How Long Are Jiu Jitsu Classes? | Know Before You Go

Jiu Jitsu classes can vary in length, but knowing how long you'll be training is extremely important.

In this page, we will explain how long Jiu Jitsu classes are.

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How Long are Jiu Jitsu Classes?

Jiu Jitsu classes normally last about 1 hour. The class is made up of a 15 minute warm up and stretching, 30 minutes of working positional drilling at a slower pace, and 15 minutes of live positional drilling or live rolls.. Jiu Jitsu classes normally start off slow with a warm up and end full-speed with live rolling.

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The reason for this is to prevent injuries, by ensuring the body is warmed up.

As the body warms up, they can begin to increase the intensity of the drills until by the end of the class there is a live rolling session.

Open Mat After Class

One of the most overlooked aspects by those who are going to begin training Jiu Jitsu is accounting for open mat.

What is Open Mat?

Open mat is offered by most gyms, and it is a period where the class has ended, but students are allowed and encouraged to roll on the mat with others.

There is a timer of 3-5 minutes available where a student/instructor can start it, and students can find and choose their partners for the roll.

Once the timer has gone off, the students can take a break, or find another partner to keep rolling.

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How Long Does Open Mat Last?

As long as you want, but most people spend at least 15 minutes doing open mat.

Benefits of Open Mat

Open Mat provides students with a perfect chance to use their moves that they learned in class, as well as practice moves that they are uncomfortable with.

Additionally, it gives students a way to measure themselves against other students, to find out what their skill level is.

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