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A headgear is arguably the most important equipment that you'll need when sparring.

In this page, we will cover the best MMA headgears on the market, as well as the pros and cons of each headgear.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Gel World
  2. Ringside SGP
  3. Ringside Cleto Reyes
  4. Winning
  5. RDX

Top Boxing Headgears

Boxing headgear, oftentimes known as a 'Face Saver' contains thicker padding and even some padded crossbars that are meant to protect the chin and nose.

1. Title Gel World


title gell full force


Pros: Reputable brand, real leather, impact distribution, high quality

Cons: 2 sizes


Title is one of the most reputable companies when it comes to anything related to boxing. When you purchase a title product, you know exactly what you are getting.

This boxing headgear consists of all real leather construction, this Title boxing headgear can also be used in Muay Thai training. This headgear contains an inner head gel layer along with the outer foam layers that allow for better impact distribution.

Now in English: High quality boxing headgear that is well made to absorb impact due to different designs within the headgear.

Sizes: Large and Regular.

The Velcro strap on the backside of the gear allows for a flexible fit for the user, which is how they're able to offer just two sizes compared to other competitors.

2. Ringside SG-P Headgear


ringside sgp headgear


Pros: High quality, price, lightweight

Cons: Not approved by USA boxing for competitions


This high quality boxing headgear allows for high level protection of your ears, temple, and ears. This is the perfect affordable headgear to use for training sessions.

This top rated headgear is adjustable, thin and lightweight that allows for maximized movement.

One thing to note - This headgear is not approved by USA Boxing for competitions.

3. Ringside Cleto Reyes Classic Training Headgear


ringside cleto reyes headgear


Pros: High quality, full coverage, great padding

Cons: Bulky, price

This ultra padded boxing headgear allows for a wide angle vision while offering you maximum protection. This headgear is a bit bulky (latex foam padding & cowhide) so depending on your preference this may or may not be the right fit for you.

This boxing headgear contains padding for the forehead, ears, and cheeks. If you are looking for protection on the chin, there are alternative options above.

If you are looking for a heavier high quality headgear, this is for you. If you want your moneysworth, strongly consider a high quality headgear. If you are a pro you should absolutely consider higher quality items.

4. Winning FG2900 - Premium Quality & Price


winning headgear fg2900


Pros: High quality, almost full protection, lightweight

Cons: No back of the head protection, price, artificial leather


A Japanese company renowned for high quality, this headgear will also come at a premium. This minimalistic design also contains full cheek coverage for maximum protection. This is as close as you can get to a full face headgear without the bar. This lightweight headgear contains a normal chin strap (vs the traditional heavier buckle). The cheek padding along with the ultra lightweight high quality headgear (10 oz = 0.625 lbs) is why consumers gravitate towards this headgear.

5. RDX Headgear - Budget Bargain


rdx headgear


Pros: Can be used for multiple sports and martial arts, can remove parts of headgear, pricing

Cons: If you just want to 'plug and play' this headgear with all modification options may not be for you


This headgear can actually be used for both MMA and boxing and is a bargain as it sits on the lower end of pricing. This headgear contains a triple layer foam, sponge x, and gel sheet for shock absorption during contact. This also contains a velcro strap and is pretty easy to put and fit on.

Something to note - there can be a lot of modifications made to the headgear. Depending on what sport you are using this for, you have the option to remove the face mask that is shown in the above picture if it is affecting your view. This can be used as a full face headgear or a faceless headgear. The best part is you can choose from the best mma headgear, or best boxing headgear, or best tae kwon do headgear, depending on the day from one product.

On Amazon this item has over 2,000 reviews, and has been battle tested over the years.

Why are These Headgears Different From MMA?

Boxers don't have to deal with the grappling threat (getting held down, wrestling exchanges) and due to this MMA headgears are typically more firm. As boxers will only be dealing with strikes, their boxing headgear is designed for resistance vs pure striking against heavier gloves.

Cleaning Your Headguard

Cleaning your headguard is something that you should do after every use and at minimum twice a week. Depending on what material your headgear is made out of, you will want to clean it differently.

If you don't clean your headgear, it will build up a very nasty smell rather quickly. Don't make the mistake to put this off after training and just place it in your bag. Once the smell comes it may already be too late. Take care of your headgear that you used your hard earned money to purchase!

For most headgears, the first step to:

1. Dry the Headgear: Make sure to find a ventilated area and hang it up until it is completely dried. If you can't find a ventilated area, you can also put it in front of a fan.

2. Clean the Headgear: Use an antibacterial wipe, baby wipes are a popular choice to wipe the entire headgear with.

Something to note: If your headgear is made out of leather, it may be a good idea to purchase a leather cleaning product to keep your headgear in great shape.


To Conclude

A great headgear can be a valuable asset for you. Whether you are an adult or a child, beginner, or experienced.

A good headgear can provide you immense protection vs a lot of different types of risks.

Something to remember: Purchasing the best headgear for YOU is the most important thing.

Take your current situation into consideration. If you are looking to get started and just need something to get you going, go with the lower priced headgear.

If you have experience and have been doing this for a while, and want something that will protect you day in and day out through training... Go with a higher quality headgear.

I cannot overstate how great it feels to eventually be able to use a headgear of higher quality.

Having used both, and a lower quality one in previous years, it feels like night and day. However, I am also glad that I had that experience to be able to appreciate higher quality items.

Now if you have aspirations to go pro, which means you most likely will be sparring close to every day, and have tough contact, definitely go with a high quality headgear and protect yourself.

The best headgear for sparring to protect yourself will always be of higher quality.

All of this to say none of this is advice. It is how I look at certain situations after decades in the martial arts world, and how I would approach certain situations. I hope you learned a lot and now have a greater understanding of headgears, and are now able to make an educated decision on what will be the best decision for you.

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