Do Boxers Get Cauliflower Ear? Simply Explained

In this page we will go over whether Boxers get Cauliflower ears, what causes ear to become that way, and whether they hurt.

boxer cauliflower ear

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Do Boxers Get Cauliflower Ear?

Although Boxers are able to get cauliflower ear, it is very rare that they do. A cauliflower ear occurs when the external part of the ear receives trauma and a blood clot is developed. However Boxers wear headgear during practice, along with wearing soft padded gloves that normally range from 8 oz - 16 oz.

The combination of headgear and gloves provide protection to the ear, even when it is hit.

In fact, Boxing greats including Floyd Mayweather and Muhammad Ali, who both racked up over 50 fights against the best in their professional careers, lacked cauliflower ears.

What Sport Causes Cauliflower Ear?

In general, any close contact sport that requires having to grapple your opponent such as wrestling. Most cauliflower ears occur when your ear is put in a position where friction can occur against your opponent, or even the mat.


Additionally, twitchy wrestlers who are trying to explode out of disadvantageous situations may be able to stun their opponent and get out of the position, while enduring ear trauma in the process.

Wrestlers are required to wear headgear during matches, however they do not have to during practice, which is why you'll see most cauliflower ears are shown like a badge of honor in the wrestling community.

MMA Fighters' Ear

In Mixed Martial Arts, cauliflower ears are very common as well, and that is due to fighters needing to be sufficiently skilled in both Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu in order to be competitive.

Cauliflower ears can develop in the clinch, on the mat, or even when shooting for a takedown.

Do Cauliflower Ears Hurt?

Obtaining a cauliflower ear absolutely hurts, however getting it drained hurts more. This is a procedure where a doctor sticks a needle in the ear and slowly drains out the blood that has accumulated. The more recent that the trauma is, the better the chance that the ear has of preventing a permanent deformity.

Protecting your ears in any martial art is very important, and something that your future self will thank you for.

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