How Are Punches Counted in Boxing? | Easily Explained

During a Boxing fight, a graphic of punches landed/punches thrown by each fighter will display.

In this page, we will cover how exactly these punches are counted in Boxing.

    How Are Punches Counted in Boxing?

    Punches are counted by a computer program called 'CompuBox'.

    CompuBox uses two operators.

    Each operator watches a specific fighter and has four keys to choose from when a punch is thrown.

    They include:

    • Jab landing
    • Jab missing
    • Power punch landing
    • Power punch missing

    Throughout the fight, the operators will record the punches appropriately based on the category that the punch fits.

    This is how fans can see the punches landed/punches thrown, as well as power punches landed/power punches thrown at the end of each round, as well as at the end of each fight.

    Additionally, the percentages of the punches thrown to punches landed will be automatically calculated by the program as the data is inputted by the operator.

    Showtime, ESPN, FOX, FS1, DAZN, Matchroom UK, Triller, BKFC, SkyBet & Eagle FC are the main networks/organizations that use CompuBox.

    How do Judges Value Punches?

    Judges score on a 10-point scale. Most rounds will end 10-9, with the more dominant boxer receiving 10 points, and the other receiving 9.


    Cool Material does an excellent job explaining what judges are looking for when they are scoring.

    Effective Aggression

    Being aggressive gives the impression of dominance, but unless the boxer is landing shots and not constantly getting countered, it’s not exactly “effective.”

    Judges look for effective aggression, where the aggressor consistently lands his punches and avoids those from his opponent.

    Ring Generalship

    The fighter who controls the action and enforces his will and style.


    How well is a boxer slipping, parrying, and blocking punches? A good defense is important.

    Hard and Clean Punches

    To the untrained eye, it can appear as if a boxer is landing a lot of shots, when, in fact, most are being blocked or aren’t landing flush.

    A judge needs to look for hard shots that land clean.

    What is a 1/2 in Boxing?

    A 1/2 in Boxing is simply a combination of a jab and a cross.

    The objective is to land the power punch and to do this, you'll first use the jab to measure distance as well as get your opponent's attention from one side.

    Then the cross will come from the other hand along with the power.

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