Are the Hands of UFC Fighters Registered Weapons? | Explained

UFC fighters get locked inside an octagon, to engage in hand to hand combat for a living.

A common question that we receive is whether UFC Fighters have to register their hands as weapons.

In this page, we will explain.

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Are the Hands of UFC Fighters Registered Weapons?

Contrary to popular belief, the hands of UFC fighters cannot be registered as weapons. However, if a UFC fighter assaults someone, their UFC fighter status can be used against them in trial, as evidence of the extent of damages.

Are the Hands of UFC Fighters Registered Weapons

Something to note - None of this is intended to be used as legal advice.

Another reason that a UFC fighter isn't required to register their hands as a legal weapon, is due to their being no law that currently requires it.

Can UFC Fighters Do Anything to Protect Themselves?

Besides simply not assaulting another person, and just being a law-biding citizen, there's not much that a UFC fighter can do to protect themselves as a preventative measure against assaulting another person.

UFC fighters can insure themselves in the event that they are in a fight, where the insurance company is obligated by contract to defend them.

However, the policy would have to include "Intentional Tort Situations", which many companies would rightfully be hesitant to agree to.

fight contract insurance policy

MMA Fighter Sentenced For Aggravated Assault

In 2015, former MMA fighter was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after November 2013 incident, in which he beat up friend Juan Angel so bad that he went to the hospital.

According to the report:

Testimony revealed the fight started at Parks' apartment, where the two were hanging out. At one point, Parks threw Angel through a dry wall. The deadly weapon in this case, according to Assistant District Attorney Bill Vassar, was the suspect's hands.

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