Is MMA With Weapons Allowed? | Explained

Believe or not there is a league where MMA with weapons is allowed.

In this page, we will cover everything that you need to know to get up to speed on it.


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MMA With Weapons

There are two version of MMA that uses weapons, and they are called M-1 and IMCF. Fighters dress in full medieval attire while holding weapons and are able to strike with the weapons, punch, wrestle, and even attempt takedowns.

IMCF and M-1 are a bit different from each other, as M-1 takes place in a ring and is normally individual combat, where as IMCF takes place at a castle and can have up to 16 vs 16 wars.


Not Allowed

  • Submissions
  • Strikes to the neck
  • Strikes to the ankles
  • Strikes to the spin
  • Strikes to the feet


M-1 typically takes place in an arena where one fighter will face off with another inside of a ring. A referee will also be there to break up the fighters, and reset positions.

The weapons that fighters can use is strictly restricted to European weapons and arts.

This unique Russian sport has captivated fans for years, to the point that there have been massive crowds at these events.

International Medieval Combat Federation

The IMCF is composed of hundreds of fighters from 26 countries where fighters are able to engage in 1v1's as well as team competitions.

Team competitions are known as 'Melees' as multiple fighters will fight each other simultaneously.

The most popular team event is the 16 vs 16 melee. For the fighters, they enjoy it due to it feeling the most realistic to war.

For the fans, it's complete chaos, and they can look around the fight and see dozens of different battles going on at once.

Countries will face one another, and the winners of the event will receive a gold medal.

These fights also take place in a medieval castle ground.

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