The 3 Best Martial Arts Combinations That You Must Know

There are hundreds of martial arts that are out there in the world, and when you combine some of them together they can have fantastic results.

In this page we'll go over the best martial arts combinations, what makes them the best, and how they're useful.

best martial arts combination

Table of Contents

  1. Wrestling & Boxing
  2. Tae Kwon Do & Jiu Jitsu
  3. Judo & Boxing

1. Wrestling & Boxing

In the highest of levels in the Mixed Martial Arts world, the combination of wrestling and boxing has been proven to be successful time and time again at all weight classes.


From the lighter weight classes in dominant champions Henry Cejudo & Demetrius Johnson, to the Welterweight (170 lbs) weight class in George St-Pierre, to the heaviest weight class in double champion Daniel Cormier.

The combination of wrestling to overwhelm your opponents, take them down on the mat and keep them there not only prevents damage to you, but it fatigues your opponent.

When you're on top of your opponent, you're making them carry your weight around in any movement that they do while transitioning, or trying to get up.

When the opponent becomes too worried about the takedown, it sets up the boxing, as the opponent will naturally keep their hands lower, and their stance will be lower to be ready for the takedown.

Boxing is also a perfect way to complement dominant wrestling, as it can be used from medium range and to close the distance.


One thing to note is that all of these fighters mentioned had fantastic cardio. In order to implement this 'style' successfully, you will need to have great cardio.

In a fight, there are usually two scenarios that can occur. The fight will take place standing up, or on the ground. With a boxing and wrestling combination, you'll be prepared regardless of where it will go, providing you with a very important tool, confidence.

2. Tae Kwon Do & Jiu Jitsu

Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu is a combination that often gets overlooked, but many successful martial artists (and champions) have all trained in both.

tae kwon do

Tae Kwon Do helps you turn your legs into striking weapons, while understanding distance control, as well as closing distance.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches you ground fighting, body positioning, leverage, grips, and of course submissions.

Many UFC champions including Anderson Silva, Valentina Shevchenko, Rose Namajunas & Anthony Pettis have all trained in Tae Kwon Do and BJJ.

jiu jitsu

In fact, almost all of them began training Tae Kwon Do at a young age, before moving on to other martial arts such as Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and eventually MMA, and having success in all of them.

Both TKD and BJJ provide immense benefits, allow you to be able to fight wherever the fight ends up going, and at the very least provides you with a great base for your future endeavors.

3. Judo & Boxing

Judo and Boxing hasn't had as much success in professional MMA as the other mentioned combinations, but it's extremely useful in real life self-defense situations.


Judo will allow you to to use a hip toss to quickly get out of harm's way, and if that isn't enough, boxing will provide you with confidence to protect yourself from any distance.

Getting out of harm's way is the number one priority of any street fight, or real life dangerous situation, and having these martial arts in your arsenal to protect yourself will keep you safe.

Additionally punching without gloves can be very dangerous, which is why Judo (or any grappling martial art) can be very important. Similarly to wrestling, Judo will allow you to absorb minimal damage.


To be clear, the best way to handle any real life confrontation is to deescalate it and/or run away. However, not all situations are able to be resolved in this manner, and sometimes it is inevitable that you will have to protect yourself, and in this case you'll be glad that you are trained in martial arts.

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