What is the Best Martial Arts For Kids? | Easily Explained

Learning Martial Arts at a young age can have tremendous positive benefits for kids.

In this page, we'll go over the best martial arts for kids along with what makes them the best.

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          Tae Kwon Do For Kids

          Old School

          Tae Kwon Do is one of the oldest martial arts in the world, at an age of over 2,000 years old.

          It is one of the more traditional martial arts where they still wear a uniform and bow to their instructors and fellow students. It is also the perfect martial art for kids.

          martial arts for kids

          Fundamentals and Habits

          TKD has the old-school focus on the fundamentals in technique, emphasis on respecting one another, doing things the right way, and having self control.

          All of these aspects will set a great 'base' for kids in order to set great habits for the future.

          Along with learning striking techniques, implementing them into their form, and eventually into sparring, they will also understand self-defense and distance control.


          Additionally, they will understand leadership roles during class, as they will have to help one another during different parts of class.

          The more experienced students will understand how to help the less experienced students in techniques, and getting adjusted to classes.

          When actual sparring occurs, they'll also understand self control and self awareness. Versus less experienced opponents, they'll have the self awareness to go easier on them, as they're just getting started in the martial art.

          Versus more experienced opponents, they'll be able to spar harder as long as they're in the same range of experience and skill as them. Of course, the instructor will be there to emphasize all of these points.

          tae kwon do for kids

          Striking Skills

          On top of all of this, as far as actual Tae Kwon Do goes, they will learn distance control, angles, footwork, and how to protect themselves.

          Tae Kwon Do does a great job of catering to kids and teaching them the basic fundamentals in all aspects of life, which in turn will help them understand their parents' point of view, and the difference in between making the right choice and the wrong choice.

          Belt Rank System

          A belt rank system allows kids to stay motivated throughout their entire journey of being a black belt.

          There are many belts in between white belt (your first belt) and black belt.

          Depending on which organization that you enroll your kid in, the average time to obtain a black belt may vary.

          However, in most cases, getting a black belt in Taekwondo on average takes around 3 years.

          tae kwon do kids sparring

          How to Get to the Next Belt

          In order to progress through belts, you will have to test in something called a 'Belt Promotion' or 'Belt Test'.

          It is normally a test that occurs in one day, where students are tested on all of the different topics that they've learned.

          From self defense, to forms, to sparring, and to breaking boards, students will be put to the test. Parents will also be able to watch these belt promotions and encourage their kids.

          Frequently Asked Question

          Which Martial Art is Best For Kids?

          Tae Kwon Do is the best martial art for kids as the old school martial art has the old-school focus on the fundamentals in technique, emphasis on respecting one another, doing things the right way, and having self control.

          What is the Best Age For a Child to Start Martial Arts?

          The best age time for a child to start martial arts is yesterday, and the second best time is today.

          Normally kids will have to be at least 3 years of age in order to begin martial arts.

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