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When UFC fighters are locked inside a cage against their opponent, the closest people near them are their corner men and the commentary team.

We know that fighters can hear their corner men, but can UFC fighters hear commentary?

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UFC Apex Makes it Easier to Hear

After the COVID-19 pandemic halted all major sports in the world, the UFC was the only sport that was able to continue holding events safely.

ufc apex

Source: UFC

They were able to do this by holding all US-based events inside of the UFC Apex behind closed doors.

Due to there being almost no crowd, fighters were able to hear the commentary team during their own fight.

How is the Apex Different?

The Apex is not only much smaller than a traditional arena, but the octagon is 30% smaller than the traditionally used octagon.

During the 2020-2021 years, the Apex held both UFC Fight Nights and UFC Pay Per View events.

As the country opened back up in 2022, the UFC has only held Fight Night events in the Apex, and saved the PPV events for the 'normal' arenas.

Poirier Says Listen to Bisping

When Dustin Poirier fought Dan Hooker in the fifth UFC Apex event, Hooker would land a kick to Poireir's going in back to back strikes.

After the first strike, Poirier shrugged it off, but after the second strike Bisping would comment on it saying that Poirier was thinking "Come on dude", and Poirier would confirm this by saying "Listen to Bisping" immediately afterwards.

Luque Hears Rogan Talk About the D'arce

The UFC would also hold a no-crowd event in Jacksonville, and in UFC 249 Luque would admit that he heard Joe Rogan during his own fight.

Luque would say that he'd hear Rogan say "He's (Price) going for the D'arce" and Luque would think to himself "No he's not going to get the D'arce, I'm the D'arce guy, and I'm going to get out of this right now".

It's pretty remarkable to think that UFC fighters are able to hear UFC commentators' thoughts during their fights.

Imagine if NFL or NBA players were able to hear commentators during their games, it would make for interesting reactions.

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