The Tale of the Tape in the UFC: All You Need to Know

Before a fight begins, you'll always hear UFC commentator Jon Anik mention the Tale of the Tape on the UFC broadcast.

In this page, we will explain what the tale of the tape in the UFC is, when it occurs, and why it's valuable to have.

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What is the Tale of the Tape in the UFC?

The Tale of the Tape in the UFC is a graphic that shows both fighters on each side of the screen, with all of the fighter's relevant MMA information in the center of the screen.

ufc tale of the tape

The Tale of the Tape graphic is shown after both fighters have walked into the octagon, and while waiting for the UFC ring announcer to announce each fighter before the fight begins.

What Does the Tale of the Tape Show?

  • Each fighter's physical appearance
  • Each fighter's record
  • Whether the fight is a championship fight
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Reach
  • Betting Odds

Is the Tale of the Tape Necessary?

The Tale of the Tape is necessary as it allows every viewer to quickly get on the same page as hardcore MMA fans.

Although MMA fans who regularly watch fights may understand exactly what's happening, other casual fans who still want to watch may need a refresher.

In the last few years, the UFC has consistently held over 40 events for the year, almost averaging out to 1 event per week.

That can be a lot for the regular MMA fan to keep up with.

The Tale of the Tape is very important for two reasons:

  1. It gives fans a quick summary of each fighter seconds before the fight, without needing to look it up
  2. It shows bettors what the odds were locked in at for the fight

Additionally, after the tale of the tape is shown, and seconds before the fight is going to begin, Jon Anik will mention how the betting line has moved over the last few days, and what it is locked in at now.

How the UFC Tale of the Tape Has Evolved

MMA is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and as the sport grows, the UFC makes updates accordingly.

The Tale of the Tape is no different, as it has changed frequently over the years which we'll show you below.

UFC 12

If you feel like you've used a time machine to take you way back in time, you're not the only one.

UFC 12 took place in 1997, and the graphics for the Tale of the Tape don't disappoint.

The best part about this graphic is the weight difference, as this was before weight classes were implemented in the UFC.

UFC on Fuel TV

The next graphic takes place at UFC on Fuel TV: Mousasi vs Latifi in the year 2013, 16 years after the previous graphic.

You can see the evolution of the Tale of the Tape, as for starters, each fighter has a picture.

Additionally, all of the relevant data is spread out neatly, organized, and they've added a background to the graphics as well.

However, their graphic heavily uses the color red.

UFC 273

The most recent graphic takes place on UFC 273 in the year 2022.

ufc tale of the tape

In this most recent graphic, you can see that the UFC has completely modernized its graphics, primarily only using two colors (gray, and gold), while adding a sponsor at the bottom center of the screen.

Additionally, they've zoomed out on the fighters, showing each fighter from the waist up.

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