Can You Punch in Kickboxing? | Explained

In this page, we will explain whether you can punch in Kickboxing, if Kickboxing is harder than Boxing, and whether low kicks are allowed in Kickboxing.

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Can You Use Your Hands in Kickboxing?

You can absolutely use your hands in kickboxing. The main difference between Boxing and Kickboxing is that you are able to use both your hands and your feet in Kickboxing, where in Boxing you are only able to use your hands.

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In kickboxing, fighters will deliver and catch kicks along with a combination of punches. Due to this, the kickboxing gloves will be a bit different, and more flexible to deal with having to catch different types of strikes, along with actual clinching.

On the other hand, in Boxing fighters will use closed fists and only closed fists throughout the entire fight.

In order to protect the hands of the fighters, the Boxing gloves will be much less flexible, and more padded in order to deal with the heavier blows that will be dealt.

Is Kickboxing Harder Than Boxing?

It depends on the previous experience of the student. Kickboxing will come much more naturally to those who have done martial arts that incorporate kicking such as Taekwondo or Karate, or even those who have played soccer.


On the other hand, Boxing will come much more naturally to those with a background of great hand-eye coordination and movement.

Despite using Boxing in Kickboxing, the two martial arts are completely different in terms of movement, range, strategy, and how strikes are dealt with defensively.

Are Low Kicks Allowed in Kickboxing?

As the low leg kick has exploded in popularity (mostly due to Justin Gaethje and Dustin Poirier), fighters have wanted to incorporate calf kicks into their game. According to the American Kickboxing full contact rules, low kicks are not allowed, but they are able to be used according to the International and Oriental Rules.

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