Does UFC Pay For Medical Bills? | Easily Explained

The UFC has received a lot of criticism in the past about medical bills related to UFC fighters, but how much of it is fair?

In this page, we will explain if the UFC pays for medical bills, if they offer health insurance, and a notable exception they've made in the past with a UFC fighter.

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Does UFC Pay For Medical Bills?

As of 2011, the UFC does pay for medical bills for UFC fighters, including injuries sustained from their fights as well as from injuries they may have sustained during their training for the actual fight. The UFC will typically only cover medical expenses for injuries suffered from fight-related activities.

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Additionally, Zuffa announced that they will cover all premiums for the insurance, at no cost to the fighters.

Athletes would be able to to use up to $50,000 annually for coverage while they are under contract with Zuffa and it'd cover the athletes even if they are not scheduled to compete in the near-future.

What About When They Are Not Training?

This means that if a UFC fighter goes snowboarding on vacation, and ends up getting injured..

There's a good chance that the UFC won't cover those medical expenses, and the fighter will have to pay from their own pocket.

Brock Lesnar and Diverticulitis

However exceptions have been made in the past, such as in the case of Brock Lesnar.

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Brock Lesnar suddenly became ill with diverticulitis, and although this didn't occur during training or a fight, the UFC helped Lesnar find treatment.

According to Dana White:

They were prepared to "send him to the Mayo Clinic or to Scripps. … We're going to have to do some stuff to take care of this guy." Lesnar, the UFC's biggest attraction, was not going to be left on the curb.

Does UFC Offer Health Insurance?

The UFC currently does not offer health insurance, which has been a large topic of conversation among the fighters and MMA community.

The UFC labels the fighters as independent contractors, which makes them responsible for their own health insurance.

Recently UFC fighters such as Tony Ferguson and Francis Ngannou, have been outspoken about the need for health insurance, in a sport where they fight for a living.

Ferguson would explain:

We all have families, we all have to support our systems, and let’s do that s***, man. I don’t know, Dana’s not here, but [let’s get] insurance.

Ngannou would go on to say:

The contract is one-sided. Although you still don’t have nothing, you don’t even have health insurance. While you’re doing this, putting your body on the line to provide, to put on the show, risking everything.”

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