Do UFC Fighters Still Make Money If They Lose? | Explained

Fighter pay in the UFC has always been a large topic of discussion.

In this page, we will explain if UFC fighters still make money if they lose a fight, and how exactly fighters are paid.

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Do UFC Fighters Make Money If They Lose?

Yes UFC fighters will still make money even if they lose, however it will be normally be 50% less than if they win due to the 'Show', and 'Win' salaries that they currently use.

Show Money Win Money ufc

However, they're also eligible to receive any other bonus that night for their performance, and from the fans (during Pay Per View events).

What is UFC's Pay Structure?

Salary to Show/Salary to Win

UFC fighters receive a 'Show' bonus and a 'Win' bonus, and each of the two bonuses are typically the same amount.

As long as the fighter shows up to the fight and makes the appropriate weight, the fighter will receive at minimum their show bonus.

ufc fighter weighing in

Additional Bonuses They Can Earn For Their Fight

Fighters can receive $50,000 in UFC bonuses such as:

  • Performance of the Night
  • Fight of the Night

Lastly, there's a newly introduced Fan Bonus of the Night bonus that only occurs during Pay Per View events.

Fans can vote on three fighters who deserve a bonus for their performance.

The UFC has partnered with to pay out a total of $60,000 in bonuses, payable in Bitcoin to three fighters for the night.

  • First place: $30,0000
  • Second place: $20,000
  • Third place: $10,000

Total Payout

ufc 278 bonuses

Above you can see some of the fighter salaries from the UFC 278 card.

Paulo Costa would earn his show bonus, win bonus (for winning the fight), as well as a $50k Fight of the Night Bonus, totaling $130,000.

Luke Rockhold would earn his show bonus, no win bonus, but would also receive the $50k Fight of the Night Bonus, totaling $200,000.

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