5 Gifts For MMA Fans That They Will Love | Explained

What do you get someone who loves MMA? It may be a difficult decision due to the massive amount of fighters there are, and how often the sport evolves.

In this page we will explain the best gifts for MMA fans, and why MMA fans would love them.

Table of Contents

  1. UFC Legacy Replica Belt
  2. I'm Watching MMA Socks
  3. UFC Hoodie and Sweatpants
  4. Venum Elite Headgear
  5. Spar Wars Shirt

1. UFC Legacy Replica Belt

The biggest achievement that a MMA fighter can obtain is wrapping the UFC gold belt around their waist, after years of hard work and overcoming adversity.

The good news for hardcore fans is that you can have your replica belt in your home, without needing to train for years to get it.

This UFC replica belt is the newest belt, made up of 24k gold and silver plating.

Whether you have this in your office, or bring it out to the living room for UFC fights with your friends, it's the perfect way to start a conversation and have some fun along the way.

Some Fans Take Belts at Live Events

One of the little-known facts about replica belts is that many UFC fans take them to actual live events.

Over the years, they've been filmed showing it proudly when their favorite fighter is making their entrance walk.

Fighters have even been known to grab the fan's replica belt.

In recent memory, Molly McCann would knock out her opponent via a spinning elbow, grab a fan's belt and walk around the octagon with the belt extended in the air.

2. I'm Watching MMA Socks

Something on the more simple (and cheap) side is socks filled with humor.

Everyone has that one friend who cannot be interrupted when watching an MMA fight, and these socks are perfect for them.

The socks say "Do not disturb, I'm Watching MMA", and can be seen on the bottom of the foot, exactly where they'll be visible when one is sitting down.

Next time someone asks them a question during a fight, they can simply point to their socks.

3. UFC Hoodie and Sweatpants

ufc hoodie

Now are you a real UFC fan if you don't have UFC gear? That's a question for you to answer.

These ultra-comfortable UFC hoodies and sweatpants are perfect for any occasion including:

  • Watching a Fight
  • Relaxing on the Couch
  • Weight Lifting
  • Running
  • Going on a Walk

The best part about this fabric is how light it is, making it comfortable and easy to wear on most occasions.

It doesn't necessarily have to be cold outside to wear this, as it's so lightweight that you typically won't get hot when wearing it.

4. Venum Elite Headgear


venum elite headgear

If the person that you're trying to get a gift for already trains, chances are they could always use great headgear.

MMA practitioners will sweat a lot when training and their headgear eventually will wear out (and stink).

The Venum headgear is perfect due to how high the quality is, and its durability, and Venum is partnered with UFC (which is why you'll see UFC fighters wearing Venum gear).

5. Spar Wars Shirt

spar wars shirt

This shirt is a bit of a wildcard, but if the person you're looking to purchase a gift for is a big star wars fan and MMA fan, this may just be the perfect gift.

This shirt mixes in themes from both the Star Wars series as well as the sport of MMA, as two figures are sparring/fighting on the actual shirt.

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