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Becoming an educated fan about any sport can be difficult. There are inside jokes, popular fighters, hated fighters, rivalries, and of course the actual rules of the sport that you have to understand.

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This is the reason we've created this crash course (and list of must-read pages) on how to Get Into the UFC as a Fan.

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Most Hated Fighters & Rivalries

5 Most Hated UFC Fighters

There have been many UFC fighters that have been hated by fans, and even other fighters.

In this page we'll go over the most hated fighters in the history of the UFC, what has made them the most hated, and what the general perception of them is.

most hated ufc fighters

5 Best UFC Rivalries

Rivalries in any sport will unite the most experienced fans with the most casual fans. In a sport where they can actually punch each other to resolve it such as mixed martial arts, it's must watch TV.


In this page, we'll go over the best UFC rivalries, what lead up to that moment, and how it ended.

Most Brutal UFC Fights

5 Most Brutal UFC Fights

Year after year, there are fights that just absolutely blow the roof off of the arena due to how brutal it was.

In this page, we'll go over the most brutal UFC fights in recent memory, what the situation was leading up to the fight, and what was the result.

most brutal ufc fights

5 Hardest Punchers in MMA

There is something terrifying about seeing a fighter that has the ability to turn anyone's lights off, at any given time.

In this page, we'll go over who are the hardest punchers in MMA, along with whose lights they have turned off.

hardest puncher in mma

Biggest MMA Upsets Ever

In every sport, there has been a massive upset that shocked fans, promoters and athletes themselves.

In this page we will cover the biggest MMA upsets in history, what the situation was leading up to the fight and how the upset actually happened.

biggest mma upsets

Worst MMA Fights

5 Worst MMA Fights Ever

There have been some not-ideal fights that have occurred in MMA, that left fans wondering "What just happened".

In this page, we will go over the worst MMA fights that have occurred in history, along with what made them the worst fights.

Everything to Know About MMA as a Sport

What is Mixed Martial Arts

In order to be a 'good fan', you have to actually understand the sport.

In this What is Mixed Martial Arts guide we'll cover every detail of MMA including its history, the different styles used, rules, judging, weight classes, the several MMA professional organizations, equipment needed, and even the notable famous fighters.

what is mixed martial arts

UFC Weight Classes Explained

Trying to keep up with all of the weight classes in the UFC can be intimidating. They each have their own different name, and the actual name doesn't give you good a hint of what weight it could even be at, well besides heavyweight of course.

This guide will explain every weight class clearly, how to distinguish them and the future of weight classes.

Most Used Martial Arts in MMA

Different types of martial arts are used in every MMA fight that occurs, but which are the most used martial arts in MMA?

In this Most Used Martial Arts page we'll cover the most popularly used martial arts in the sport of MMA, why they're used so much, and who uses them.

most used martial arts

How Long Do MMA Fights Last

MMA fights use 5 minute rounds, for either 3 rounds or 5 rounds.

If it is a main event, or a championship fight, it will be 5 rounds, and if it's not it will be 3 rounds.

However, there have been exceptions made in the past.

This How Long Do MMA Fights last page will cover everything related to fight duration in MMA.

How Many Fights Do UFC Fighters Have a Year

In this page, we'll go over how many fights UFC fighters have a year, why it's that amount, how it's different for champions and up and comers, as well as how medical suspensions and matchmaking affect their activity.

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Biggest Problems in MMA

UFC Fighters Union

A union is something that every major sports organization has, in order to fairly negotiate for the fighters' behalf.

However, the UFC currently does not have a union, and it is a topic that arises frequently.

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Unions become the middlemen for fighters and sports organizations, and they negotiate on the behalf of the athletes for important matters including pay, working conditions and their rights as athletes.

This UFC Fighters Union page breaks down the pros/cons of a unions, failed unions in the past, and what it would take to form one.

MMA Gloves That Prevent Eye Pokes

The biggest problem in MMA besides weight cutting, is the amount of eye pokes that occur in the sport.

When an eye poke occurs, it is devastating. It affects the fighter for the rest of the fight, and it's untreatable during the actual fight.

When one eye is affected by an eye poke, it immediately affects their vision, their ability to land strikes accurately as well as see strikes coming, by judging distance.

The only thing that a fighter can do is take the allotted time the referee provides for an eye poke infraction break, and then continue fighting.

This page will cover the problems with eye pokes, as well as a solution with MMA gloves that prevent eye pokes.

Memes & Inside Jokes

Chael Sonnen Undefeated Meme

Chael Sonnen is the only undefeated & undisputed fighter raised in the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon.

chael sonnen meme

(Sonnen is actually 28-15-1 but that's what makes going along with this running joke so fun).

Chael Sonnen was the best trash talker of his generation, famous for saying the most outrageous things with a calm and straight face, with a careful and perfect delivery.

His perfect delivery of saying this during interviews, and even answering any follow up questions about it with even more outrageous, but slick answers, created something that MMA fans just gobbled up, loved, and most importantly went along with.

We've broken down everything needed to know to be in the loop in the Chael Sonnen Undefeated page.

Who Commentates the Fights

Who Are the UFC Commentators

Commentators are some of the most important people in the sport. They talk you through what is going on in the fights, what to look out for next given the current situation and give their opinion.

This is why knowing who they are, and what they've done in the sport is that much more important.

In our Who are the UFC Commentators page, we've broken all of this down.

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