How is Khabib So Strong? | Explained

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the greatest Mixed Martial artists ever, as he would maul seemingly every fighter that he was matched up against. He was so dominant using his Wrestling and Sambo that his opponents could never get back on their feet once they landed on the mat.

Fans want to know, how is Khabib so strong in order to keep them down? In this page, we will explain in detail.

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Why is Khabib So Strong?

In short, his father was an extremely successful wrestler who became an even better coach having trained 18 world champions. His father would take Khabib and the rest of his students to do training camps in the mountains under high elevations and no distractions.


Growing up under a demanding coach/father allowed him to perfect his technique, understand body leverage and positioning, and compliment all of that with strength.

Additionally, he was able to develop extreme grip strength (to hold the arms and wrists of opponents) and groin strength (he would control his opponents from top position by squeezing his groin muscles, without needing to use his hands) from decades of training in this manner.

What is the scariest part of all of this is that he also has tremendous endurance, which means that he is able to chain wrestler and do this over a period of an entire fight.

Khabib's Father

To understand Khabib, you must first understand who his father was. Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov was widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers of his era, who would go on to win the Ukranian National Championship in Judo, Combat Sambo and the Dagestan National Championship in Freestyle Wrestling.


As a competitor, Abdulmanap was unquestionably proven. After his competitive career, he would transition over to coaching where he would arguably have even greater success.

Abdulmanap would train 18 world champions over the course of his career, but what was most impressive is that he would build them from the ground up. He would train young kids with little to no experience, and help them reach an elite level as they aged.

Additionally, he wanted the students to create opportunities using their brain, rather than just muscle. His students receiving an education was very important to him.

It's safe to say that Khabib had a very strict and demanding coach from a young age that helped him develop his technique and strength exponentially.

Training in the Mountains

Khabib's father would routinely take his students as well as Khabib to the mountains in order to refine their technique, at a high elevation, with no distractions.

They would be isolated deep in the mountains, where all they would do is train, eat and sleep. This would create a drastic improvement in both their physical and mental strength, and in turn their confidence would improve.

Below you can find a video of Khabib training in the mountains.

Swimming Against the Current

Khabib would break the internet when footage of him swimming against a current surfaced. Khabib would do this as training in addition to the training camp in the mountains.

Wrestling Bears

Khabib as a kid would be filmed wrestling a bear.. That's right you read that correctly.

Khabib was already wrestling bears shortly after learning how to walk. If anyone thought that they had a chance in beating him, they should have realized even a bear didn't beat him.


The following YouTube comment summarizes it perfectly:

What kind of bear parents let their kid fight with a wild khabib

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