What Does Khabib Look Like Without a Beard? | Pictures

Khabib Nurmagomedov would accumulate an impeccable 29-0 professional MMA record, before retiring after his father's death.

What may be even more impressive than his performance is his massive beard. Many fans have wondered, what does Khabib look like without a beard?

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What Does Khabib Look Like Without a Beard?

Khabib can be seen without his patented beard in his early fights at M-1 Global, a Russian Mixed Martial Arts promotion.

Khabib's chin, although smaller, is still very visible and he just looks like a younger version of himself.

You can see for yourself in the above video, as baby-face Khabib is trying to finish his opponent via arm bar.

We've seen what an impact a beard can make on people, most notably Jiri Prochazka without a beard looks unrecognizable, as his chin is seemingly gone with his beard.

Luckily for Khabib, his jawline is still intact and his chin looks very normal, and he looks much lighter weight wise.

Part of this is absolutely due to the fact that Khabib was only 21 years of age, and it's much harder to keep the weight off as you get older.

Khabib's Chin Strap During His UFC Debut

Khabib would enter his UFC debut rocking a chin strap-look on his face.

Although you can see remnants of his neck beard, the facial hair that would take up the majority of his cheeks and above his chin later on in his career, had yet to grow in.

Khabib Trims After Winning the Lightweight Belt

During the prime of his career, Khabib would sport the famous bushy and long beard.

However, only a few weeks after defeating Al Iaquinta for the UFC Lightweight championship, Khabib would once again trim down his beard to resemble the younger Khabib.

Just from this simple change, Khabib immediately looks much younger than the public is used to seeing him.

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