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Perhaps no sport holds more events per year than the UFC, but how often are these UFC fights?

In this page we will explain how many events they hold per year, how many Pay Per Views, and how many non-PPV events.

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How Often Are UFC Fights?

UFC fights occur a little less than once per week for an entire year. In fact, last year the UFC held a total of 43 events. When you take into consideration how many fighters are needed to create a fight card, and how often the UFC holds fights at different locations, it is very impressive that they're able to hold this many events.

ufc schedule

In 2021, they held a total of 509 fights, with 19 of them being title fights.

That is a small increase from 2020 (COVID-19 year) when they held 41 events, for 456 fights, and 19 title fights.

Year Total Events Total Fights
UFC in 2020 41 456
UFC in 2021 43 509

How Many Pay Per View Events Occur Per Year?

The UFC held 13 Pay Per View events in 2021, and 11 PPV events in 2020. It's safe to say that the company aims to hold at least one Pay Per view per month.

How Many Non-PPV Events Occur Per Year?

There were 30 non-PPV events that occurred in the last year. This includes events such as UFC Fight Night, UFC on ESPN, and even UFC on ABC.



The year prior to that, there were also 30 non-PPV events that were held.

In Conclusion

The UFC aims to hold at least one Pay Per View event per month, and almost one UFC event per week for the entire year.

They have consistently held 30 non-PPV events for the last two years, which makes up the bulk of their fights for the year.

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