What Did Kevin Holland Do With the Ciabatta Bread? | Explained

Kevin Holland has been known to be mentioned in the news throughout his UFC career, but it isn't about what you'd expect.

He has been a hero for the public many times, but he has also done something with another fighter's ciabatta bread leading to a confrontation.

In this page, we will explain what Kevin Holland did with the Ciabatta bread.

What Did Kevin Holland Do With the Ciabatta Bread

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What Did Kevin Holland Do With the Ciabatta Bread?

At the UFC Apex while his opponent, Marvin Vettori would be participating in physical examinations, Holland would allegedly sneak into the room and take Vettori's ciabatta bread. Holland would later eat that same bread in front of Vettori.

This would cause Vettori to look extremely angry when the pair would face off, leading Vettori to making some Vettori-like faces, as well as screaming once the pair faced the audience.

Not only is Vettori Italian, where bread is integral to their diet, but it was ciabatta after all which is extremely delicious.

Stots Tells the Story

Bellator's Raufeon Stots would witness everything that happened, and tell Belal Muhammad on Instagram live, that Holland would be eating an entire ciabatta bun in front of Marvin.

You can watch this entire hilarious interaction above.

Fighters Struggle When They Cut Weight

Add that on top of Vettori having recently cut weight, where fighters are notorious for being in terrible moods while they're dehydrating their bodies, and barely eating, and it becomes understandable.

Fighters such as Dominick Cruz recently would say something controversial about his friend and colleague, Daniel Cormier, while weight cutting.

Cruz would later say that he would regret where he said these comments.



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