Why is Leon Edwards's Nickname Rocky? | Easily Explained

UFC fighter Leon Edwards has one of the most unique childhood stories and experienced quite a few obstacles in his career.

However, no fighter may have a more fitting nickname than Leon Edwards.

In this page, we will explain what Leon Edwards's nickname is, where it came from, and what obstacles he has experienced in his career to match his nickname.

    What is Leon Edwards's Nickname?

    Leon Edwards's nickname is 'Rocky', a nickname that was given to him by his classmates early in his life, to match the interesting fighting style that he developed during MMA training.

    Edwards's Life Growing Up

    Edwards would be born in Kingston, Jamaica, and lived in a 1-room house with his parents and brother until the age of 9.

    jamaican flag

    They would then move to England, but Edwards's father would pass away in a nightclub altercation when Edwards was just 13 years of age.

    This would cause Edwards to get mixed up with the wrong crowd, and participate in illicit activities such as street fights and drug dealing.

    However, when Edwards was 17, his mom would enroll him into a Mixed Martial Arts gym, and he would be able to escape that life, and dedicate his entire life to a MMA career.

    His Nickname Comes Full Circle

    However, his 'Rocky' nickname would come full circle as he would overcome tremendous obstacles in both his career and personal life along the way.

    rocky statue

    Edwards would rack up an 18-3 MMA record with an 8-fight winning streak after beating Rafael Dos Anjos in a Unanimous decision.

    He was likely just 1 more win away from competing for the title.

    However, some of the worst luck ever seen to a MMA fighter would occur, repeatedly.

    Edwards would face 5 cancellations in his last 6 fights due to a combination of the:

    • COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions
    • His opponent contracting COVID-19
    • Then Edwards himself getting COVID-19
    • Lastly his opponent pulled out of the fight due to lingering symptoms

    This would cause Edwards to be sidelined without a fight for almost 2 years.

    Edwards Faces Belal Muhammad

    When Edwards was able to finally get back inside the octagon, he would face Belal Muhammad.

    Although Edwards is known as a slow starter in his fights, he would uncharacteristically begin the fight with a faster pace and have massive success.

    At one point he would stun Belal Muhammad with a left high kick, through a dominant first round.

    However, in the second round, Edwards would accidentally poke Muhammad in the eye, badly.

    Muhammad would be unable to continue, and the fight would be declared a No Contest.

    Just when Edwards thought that his back luck had ended, as he was finally able to get a fight, then have immediate success...

    It would end in such an unfortunate fashion.

    Edwards Faces Kamaru Usman For the Welterweight Championship

    Leon Edwards would beat Nate Diaz to earn a chance to fight for the title against Kamaru Usman at UFC 278.

    Edwards would achieve immediate success in round 1 of the fight, as he was able to be the first man to take down Usman in his MMA career.

    He would then lock in a body triangle, and secure his back for the rest of the round.

    However, for the next 3 rounds, Usman would re-compose himself and begin to use his wrestling to win all 3 rounds against Edwards.

    In the fifth and final round, it seemed like this would continue, as Usman was once again having success on both the feet and the ground.

    He was seemingly on his way to another Unanimous decision win.

    With less than a minute left in the fight, after 24 minutes of fighting the number 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world (at the time), at exhaustive high altitude, Edwards would earn his 'Rocky' nickname.

    Rocky would land a left high kick to knock out Usman cold, to hand Usman his second loss in his career, and his first knockout loss of his career.

    He would spectacularly earn the Welterweight championship, and become the first Jamaican-born champion in UFC history.

    Edwards would be extremely emotional after the win, as the belt was strapped onto his waist.

    During his interview with Joe Rogan, Rogan would ask him what this feels like, and Edward would say, and later shout:

    I can't put it into words Joe. It's been a long road for 4 years.  You all doubted me and said I couldn't do it. You all said I couldn't do it, look at me now!

    Ariel Helwani would tweet an amazing video of Leon Edwards's coach talking to Leon in between every round.

    What Does Colby Covington Call, Leon Edwards?

    As one of the most hated UFC fighters, Colby Covington has earned that nickname from a variety of acts, including giving other fighters nicknames of his own.

    Covington would call Edwards 'Leon Scott', about Edwards being a forgotten man in a division full of large personalities.

    It would also be a dig at Edwards, hinting that nobody knows who Leon is in the MMA world, and that the only Leon the fans know is the British soccer player, Leon Scott.

    That wouldn't be the only nickname that Covington would come up with, however, as he also would make sure that everyone was aware of Kamaru Usman's other nickname.

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