What is Kamaru Usman's Other Nickname? | Easily Explained

Kamaru Usman's fighting nickname is the 'Nigerian Nightmare', but other fighters have mentioned another nickname that has rubbed Usman the wrong way.

In this page, we will explain what that nickname is, where it came from, and who has called him that.

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What is Kamaru Usman's Other Nickname?

Kamaru Usman's other nicknames are "Marty" and "Marty from Nebraska". The nickname Marty originated from Usman's high school wrestling coach who had a hard time pronouncing Usman's full name, Kamarudeen. Usman would explain that his coach would then nickname him "Marty" in order to be able to pronounce his name when coaching.

Marty Usman

Where Did the Nickname Start?

The nickname started in Usman's sophomore year of high school when he would join wrestling for the first time.

Usman would explain that his coach was doing a roll call, where he would say the names of the wrestlers out loud, in order to confirm that they were there.

When he would get to Usman's name, he would attempt to say Usman's first name several times, but would ultimately be unable to say it correctly.

He would then ask Usman:

That's your name? I'm not saying that. I'm going to call you Marty.

Usman would respond by saying "Yeah sure coach" and would later explain that at the time he was only 5 ft 3 inches, and intimidated by his coach.

Who Has Called Usman Marty?

Usman would go by the nickname 'Marty' throughout his entire high school and college career.

When Usman would join the UFC, he would adopt the nickname "The Nigerian Nightmare", and it wasn't until Ben Askren brough it back up, that this nickname resurfaced.

Askren and Usman Backstage

Askren would see Usman backstage and ask Dana White:

"Can me and Marty sit next to each other?"

Which would cause a reaction from Usman asking him (Askren) if he knows him.

The wrestling community is a very tight knit community, where everyone seemingly knows everyone.

This is how Askren was able to catch wind of Usman's nickname, as he is very involved in the wrestling community, having his own wrestling academy in Wisconsin.

Marty Fake Newsman

Colby Covington would then piggyback off of Askren's agitation and take it one step further.

He would call Usman "Marty Fake Newsman", a combination of Usman's wrestling days along with Covington's pro-Trump persona that has helped him becomes one of the most hated fighters in the UFC.

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