Why is Henry Cejudo Called Triple C? | Explained

Henry Cejudo has had one of the most interesting Mixed Martial Art careers, from his fights, to his trash talk.

In this page, we will cover why Henry Cejudo is called Triple C.

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Why is Henry Cejudo Called Triple C?

Henry Cejudo changed his nickname from 'The Messenger' to 'Triple C' after he won the Flyweight championship belt, then moved up and won the Bantamweight belt, and still has his Olympic gold medal from wrestling.

Each gold championship is a 'C' and he's the only champion that has won a gold medal.

Why Not Champ Champ?

When UFC champions have moved up in weight and won a second belt simultaneously, they have been known as a 'Champ-Champ'.

Conor McGregor was the first one to win UFC Gold simultaneously in two weight classes, and in his post-fight interview he declared himself a Double Champ.

When other fighters won two belts such as Daniel Cormier and Amanda Nunes, they earned the 'Champ-Champ' name.

Cejudo realized this, and along with his new 'King of Cringe' WWE-like persona that he created..

Decided that rather than adopting the same name he would name himself Triple C, as he is the only one with an Olympic Gold Medal and two belts.


Cejudo has been teasing a come-back for quite a while in search of that 3rd belt. If he's able to win that 3rd belt, he will become C4, counting the Olympic medal.

Cejudo is adamant that he wants to return, in search of the C4 name. Only time will tell how all of this plays out, and if he's able to even fight for the Featherweight belt.

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